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    Freaking out over boards..HELP

    How about another point of view: I took the boards in December! I studied only Valley Materials (sweat and MM X 2,) in addition i took the prodigy exams 1-5. I felt valley provided me with everything I needed. I passed in 90 questions in 55 minutes. GOOD LUCK it sounds like you have been working hard. Jeff

    CRNA Boards

    Hey Guys and Gals, The failure rate if you shut off at 90 is approx 11-12%. So it is true that you did really good or (I hope not) really bad? Good Luck--Jeff
  3. Hello All, I am a new CRNA desiring to do so Independent contracting as opposed to going on staff. I have an opportunity now to join a practice as an employee with benefits, or work as an contractor at 105/hr. I am looking for some insight into tax advantages, how to get health care benefits privately, etc any fo would be greatly appreciated--PM me Please!! Thanx Jeff

    i passed!!!!!!!

    Congrats--welcome to a wonderful profession.

    Passed My Boards And Changed My Name!!!

    Hello All, I PASSED!! You read the frequent posts related to board anxiety, 90 questions, 160 questions, no results yet! etc and it just does not quite grasp what is going on in your mind and Body. Then the results come--you passed and the slate seems suddenly clean again, one door closed and another open! A BIG ONE OPEN! We are free from all of it! I Thank the board for all of their support from my initial questions years ago surrouding the Application Process, GRE SCOREs, How many schools do I apply to--to which most are now referred to the awesome thread by KMCHUGH--thanks bud--it is great!-----To my clinical, and biochem, physio, Neuro questions during school, to my most recent questions surrounding boards. It has been a wonderful evolution and transition into this wonderous profession. Thank you all! My Name change on this board is my first application of a wonderous certification----Thanx all--Jeff

    Where to get Board practice exams?

    The prodigy Series Exams are Great! Prodigy Anesthesia Educational Services, LLC.

    BOARD Question

    Thank you for your insight in to the exam, especially the 11-12% failure rate. I felt like I was familiar or more with a majority of the scenarios I was presented with. Time to WAIT PATIENTLY for the results--Jeff

    BOARD Question

    i just took my boards last week and i was wondering if anyone knew the scoring system breakdown and statistics. i shut off at 90 questions and i realize 20 of these are research questions--so all in all how many do you have to get right to pass!! additionally in response to mm and the sweat book i felt they were a wonderful consolidation of crucial concepts that i was surely tested on. thanx valley! happy holidays:spin: :spin:

    Boards Tomorrow

    I have done all I can do--I am sick of reading Valley. I have done the Prodigy Exams 1-5. I am done,finished, and for heaven sake I better pass so that I can clean the slate and continue on. Tonight could be my last official study day- I have officialy VENTED!!! I will give you a full report tomorrow--:spin: JEFF

    CRNA Boards Tomorrow!

    Hey Heart, Congrats on taking the Plunge! My Boards are in 5 days. Did you find that alot of the material was unfamiliar or worded strange. Did you take Valley and if so do you thing it prepared you? Just curious, because it seems the popular reaction to the boards is that "I Failed". Who knows!! I will be saying the same thing I am sure next week and be answering the same questions next week.---Thanx for the input--Jeff

    Boards next Week

    I am taking the boards next week! Some of my classmates took them in late November and are still waiting for results. So much for a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Any Advice from those who have done and conquered! I have been through VAlley X2 and am just sick of studying. HAppy Holidays All--JEff:spin: :monkeydance:

    CRNA Boards

    Hello All, I graduated a couple of weeks ago and got my eligibility card a week later and scheduled my exam online that same day. I am taking the big quiz on the 20th of December. I have been through valley twice. two more weeks and I am officially studied out. Eight hour days/ 7days a week. Good luck to you all, and happy holidays;)

    Total cases as SRNA..

    I have about 900 and graduate in 8 months. Should be well over 1000--class average over the past three years has been 1200

    Jobs in south Carolina/Georgia

    Hello All, I am finishing up my final year at Albany Med's NA Program and was wondering about jobs in GA, Savannah area--and South CArolina. Any of you who have any personal experiences with the hospitals in that area please reply--I would loive to live in that area-- Thanx Again --and happy job searching--Jeff

    New York CNA's...

    hello all, for all of those new york CRNA's it has recently been decided you may apply for recognition as an NP in the state. all of the paperwork necessary for this status is on the state office webpage. This is an enormous move for the state, because now we will have the access to perscription/order writing. Which means we can write post op orders without a co-sign, work in CRNA only OR's etc For those who are unaware, most of what CRNA's have been doing in the OR has been illegal until now. Technically, when we wanted to adjust our inhaled anesthetic, or give any other drug we were supposed to consult with the MD first. Of course this never happened and no legal action was ever taken that i am aware of. this is primariliy do to issues of money---as always. We were allowed to break the law because no hospital was going to go out of business by enforcing it, and no one in politics can bear the burden of a closing hospital--it just doesn't look good in re-election years. This NP status is not a change in law--yet, but it is the first huge step into getting advanced practice laws set in this state--and you can only guess who is very upset that this is happening--MD's. This is a war over money and turf, and it has become a very bitter one. New york is a bit behind the curve in legislative progress, but this is changing rapidy. For those CRNA's in New York fill out the paper work and take the short perscription course necessary to write perscriptions--push forward and good luck.