1. Well, I found out today that I was rejected from the first school that I interviewed at. This also happened to be my first choice. What a bummer. I guess on a more positive note I have secured the most coveted "2nd alternate" position. Oh interview in two weeks.
    Sorry...I just wanted to vent a little.
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  3. by   loisane

    I know it is dissapointing. But don't forget, they choose alternates for a reason. Every year, some alternates do get in.

    Keep your chin up.

    loisane crna
  4. by   smiling_ru
    They have taken between 2 and 4 alternates every year at my school. The game is not over yet.
    Plus you have another interview coming up. If you are the second alternate for your first choice you will probably be accepted to the next choice. Keep your chin up, you will become a CRNA!
  5. by   renerian
    Sandman I am sorry you got that news. Good luck at your second one and come back and let us know how it goes!

  6. by   nilepoc
    Don't ever give up, we took two alternates I think. One of them, a week before the semester began.

  7. by   New CCU RN
    I am sorry to hear about your news. Although like everyone else has sounds like you are more than qualified (hence your making the alternate list)...... and will without a doubt make it into your second choice well as probably your first choice as well. Good luck to you and hang in there!!!!
  8. by   Jedav

    Stay focused on your goal!! A friend of my just graduated this past December and she was on the "alternate" list for that class...It is possible...I'm sure that you have thought of this, but many will apply to more than one program d/t logistics, cost, etc...your first choice might not be theirs even if they get there you go -you're in! Stay positive for your next interview and GOOD LUCK!
  9. by   lml33
    When I had my interview, I explained my game plan. I talked about loans, lines of credit, and purchasing a row home for low mortgage rates while a student. Explain that you really have it all figured out, and that you love nursing anesthesia. They can really tell when this is really what is in your heart. You'll get in. Persistence and determination will get you far.
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  10. by   researchrabbit
    Persistence pays off...don't give up!
  11. by   mbrian46
    Keep your chin up. I am also on the alternate list of two of my top choices, it was a little disheartening at first, but at least it's not a definite "no". Best of luck........
  12. by   sandman
    Thanks to all for your words of encouragement!!!