New Fall Students: What are you planning to do during these last precious months?

  1. Got any special plans before school starts this fall? I'm working a bunch of OT this summer to bank some extra cash, but the DH and I are going to take a brief vacation to Pennsylvania to visit some of his family before school starts. I'm also planning to use some vacation time before school starts just to take care of some things around the house. We are finishing up a few big house projects, like landscaping and finishing a remodeling job we did for a new bedroom (will be for a nanny once I start clinical rotations). I'm also planning on more frequent outings with the kids this summer, like going to movies and out to the park and even to *gasp* my most dreaded place on earth, Chucky Cheese (that place gives me a huge migraine the minute I walk in the door). What kind of special things are you guys planning?
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  3. by   NewEnglandRN
    I plan to spend time with my three boys going to the beach and swimming in our pool. Of course, I have my summer reading all planned (some pre-studying and some nursing fiction!)

    The highlight will be a trip to Las Vegas with my Mom and sister

  4. by   bcelzo
    i'm still working fulltime till aug. doing some reading, and going to this website a lot to learn what to expect in the field. spending time with family as much as possible and trying to enjoy whatever days i have left till school.
  5. by   nursewho
    and continuing to work as well...will have a week off in august, will probably do day trips, go to nh for a few days...

    trying not to get stressed out, my kids aren't too happy about my schedule, not alot of down time, but they know it is for a good cause.
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Extra hours at work, studying Fundamentals and Med / Surg, working around the house, trip to Niagara Falls, and to see family in NJ.
  7. by   gravitycure
    hey - what break?? :chuckle

    i'm taking 4 classes and reading my "baby miller"

  8. by   Gator,SN
    Lou, I sent you a PM
  9. by   jemommyRN
    I am taking a trip to New York (leaving tomorrow) to go shopping. Working hard to save money, and reading our required readings for Basics. Also I would like to get my dosage calculations down, but I also want to relax, so I'm not so sure.
  10. by   luckyladyore
    Im married and I told my husband Im taking summer off and I'll return to work for the fall/ I work with the kids so its no problem. Not much shopping but I have plenty of time to regroup and get ready for my 3rd year as a SN!!!! Chucky cheese sounds familar to my kids So I have to grin and bear also. I will also be reading and try to get some workouts in since I joined the gym I need to work out and lead a healthy LIFE...... Have a great summer you guys&GALS
  11. by   MaleAPRN
    Busy working on getting my house ready for "open house" showing in June 5th. Hopefully will have lots of potential buyers come in and make offers. With the current real estate market here in California...I don't think I'll have a problem. Don't have time to work OT due to lots of things to pack around the house for the big move to Ohio this mid July...thank gawd that it's a seller's market where I live right now!!! :hatparty:

    Stressing on where to live in suburbs of Ohio near Youngstown State. Relying mainly on real estate agent to send me pics of homes for sale and since I can't go there to shop for a house to buy because of the work I have to do here at home, I'm sending my best buddy to look at the houses that I like and I will basically buy it based on his opinion (Talk about stress!)

    When I get to Ohio in Mid July...I'll definitely take the last 2 weeks prior to start of school and do NOTHING!!! :hatparty:
  12. by   fssmith
    This summer I am attending summer school(Chemistry) for the month of June and working part time. When SS is out I am going to try to work another job so I can quit my job August 31, 2004. I lso plan to cath up on some leisure reading, moving from my house to an apartment, and trying to come up with a budget for me and my boyfriend. Don't have any kids but will be spending plety of time with niece and nephew riding their toys(mo-ped, scooter, 4-wheeler, go cart) Hopefully I wont get overwhelmed and will be able to enjoy my summer....ohhh yeah I will be doing a lot of partying(Thursday- Sunday) What did you expect I'm only 21!!!!
  13. by   Ava's mom
    My family and I are moving to Wichita, KS June 21st. I'm not exactly looking foreward to the 1500 mile drive with a 2 &1/2 year old. Once we get there, I am just going to take the rest of the summer to swim, play, and get my house in order. It will be nice to have a couple of months to figure the town out as well. I only have 5 shifts left before I am no longer an ICU nurse...Woohoo!!!! Anesthesia, here I come!!!
    Ava's mom
  14. by   Future SRNA
    Finding a place to live in Maryland, will move there the second week of August. Plan to work ICU the first two weeks of July. My husband is giving my B-day, X-mass, congratulation present ahead of time "Cruise in Europe". the last two weeks of July, and then August is left to get myself organize and ready for my first semester. We have no children and haven't taken any formal vacation in two years. This vacation is well deserved.

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