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:) I got interviews for both TCU and Wesleyan. I'm pretty excited but not really sure what to expect. I've brushed up on my clinical knowledge. Has any one else secured interviews? And if so, any... Read More

  1. by   sandman
    Well everybody, I leave for Fort Worth tomorrow morning for an interview at TWU. Wish me luck and I'll post an update when I return.
  2. by   CougRN
    Best of luck sandman.
  3. by   smiling_ru
    Good luck!!
  4. by   bubba
    Does anyone know how many students start out at TWU per year?
  5. by   arkgolfer
    I believe they admit 100 - 120, which I think depends on the number of slots their clinical sites are allowing. I interviewed at TWU in December, and am waiting for interviews at my top clinical site picks.
  6. by   megmermaid
    i also think that although TWU admits >100 students, they only graduate around 60. they seem to weed out students during the program, instead of before (during interviews). of course they have an excellent boards pass rate...

    How did it go sandman?
  7. by   alansmith52
    actually only 10 percent drop out durring the coarse of the program which is pretty standard for graduate school.
    if the numbers you are looking at come from the brag sheet they send you'll see that for the last 15 years they have gradually accepted more and more students. last year was the first year they accepted one hundred. about 6-8 dropped out in the first sem. because of TCU's program; clinical seats will be tight and they will probably not accept more than 100 this year. if that. plus the director told me that they just can't handle any more students.

    really if you think about it. accepting more students is what all the schools should be doing right now. durring a shortage of anesthesia providers it would behove CRNA's if there was a sudden insurgance of CRNA's into the market place. I know that medical residencies are trying to up their enrollments for anesthesiologist for the same purpose.. we want to have more stock in the market. if you get my drift.
  8. by   parklandtrauma
    Well i got the call from TCU yesterday to let me know that i was accepted to their program. i am still waiting to hear from TWU, but at least the pressure is off i know that i will be going to school in the fall i just am not 100% sure where yet. I just wanted to say thanks to you all. this BB has been invaluable in the information provided.

  9. by   fence
    Congratulations! I'm still waiting to here form both TCU and TWU. I still have my fingers crossed.
  10. by   Jedav
    Congratulations PJ!!!

  11. by   sandman
    Well, I'm back and I feel that the interview went great. It was with the director of the program and a member of the faculty. The interview was very relaxed and I feel that they were actually listening to me and interested in what I had to say. They make their final decisions at the end of March, so I will know more then.

    by the way...I think congrats are in order for PJ!!