Online CNM-no BSN required?

  1. Is this even possible? I am a current LPN and am finishing up RN school next year. I would love to get a job in some capacity of OB and apply directly to an online WHNP or CNM program as I feel that is my true calling. I do have a previous non nursing Bachelors but really wanted to skip the BSN and go right into a program. Any clue on where I should look? Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   LoveANurse09
    Yep,there is an online ASN-MSN program at Frontier School of Midwifery and family Nursing, check out There are others I have heard of such as U of Cinncinati, but pretty much all require 1 year of RN expereince. I know Frontier requires 1 year of ANY nursing experience, not just OB.
  4. by   Jess84
    Yes, after I posted, I looked around this board and discovered Frontier. Thanks for the info. I would absolutely try to get RN experience (hopefully L&D or MB)before going ahead with a program. I just know how difficult it can be to obtain an OB job as a new grad. I also googled and found Cinci"s program, but it looks as if it requires a BSN, Again, thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for this info...just what I was looking for!
  6. by   KristeyK
    Same here! THANK YOU!!! (Replying so I can bump it up off the 3rd page in case anyone else is looking.)
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    Frontier is the place to check out! I too was an LPN and then did my RN online through Excelsior. I am in my second year at Frontier. Just like any program it has its good and bad points, but if it was not online I would not be able to do it. Good luck!!