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  1. TLAandy

    CPNE need some encouragement please

    Sherri is excellent. I used some of her stuff when I passed, her and Lynn Fredricks. I took the CPNE in 1/2009. You can do it!!!
  2. TLAandy

    SUNY Downstate-Midwifery: Anti-Nursing?

    I hear this a lot that if someone is pro-direct entry then they must be anti-nursing. Our country is the one of a few that have the nurse-midwife model. I am an RN and currently in a midwifery program (FSMFN) and I did not have L&D experience at all, and was told it was not really a benefit. I think the important aspects of nursing that apply toward midwifery could be learned in the LPN diploma program (I have been both LPN/RN). Sorry if I offend anyone. I just don't see "nursing" as vital to midwifery. I am proud of being an RN, but nursing tries to do everything from bedmaking to complicated chemotherapy IV infusions. You cannot master everything. We need to learn to let our old roles go and assume new ones. In this case a midwife. There is nothing wrong about being just plain ole' PRO-MIDWIFERY!!!
  3. Yes, I work full-time I hope to cut down to part-time once my husband graduates in August, but it is doable to work fulltime. Your family just has to be supportive, my husband grocery shops and cooks dinner and my daughter does all the after dinner cleaning. I got bathrooms and laundry. I think that is where people get caught up is all the time you spend "living" that cuts into study time. If you can balance that kind of stuff you're golden!!
  4. TLAandy

    Class 92

    I am in class 71, at first I was told I did not get into that class and I would be wait listed for Class 72. Then 2 weeks before Frontier Bound they sent me an email saying I got into Class 71. It was about 6-8 weeks from the time I submitted my application till I heard that I had been wait listed.. But like anything if they get behind it could be longer. Also if you find out late about getting into class, do not worry about the Frontier Bound fee, they will take it out of your first student load residual check, just get there, they will house and feed you!! Hope this helped.
  5. TLAandy

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    I am glad we are having this conversation and no one is arguing about the issue. That is good, usually someone assumes someone is taking "this or that" position and totally hijacks the conversation.
  6. TLAandy

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    That is correct, it is not in any of the curriculum's I know of for CNM's. My cousin is in Medical School and he said the same thing. It is not part of the curriculum, (to actually do one) they do go over care of the status-post abortion female. But it is available for MD's, but is not required. For OB/GYN's knowing how to do the procedure is required, but they can opt out of actually doing one. They have many interactive/computer modules that can walk them through the procedure. CNM's that are practicing in the expanded role usually have a surgeon in house. CNM's will routinely close on C-sections by themselves, but have back up if needed. Early trimester abortions are not as medically significant as later trimester abortions, which even for OB/GYN's require certain circumstances. Early abortions are so medically insignificant women's bodies do most of them.
  7. TLAandy

    Interested in pursuing a CNM career

    There is a thread on here about CNM's salaries ect, started by someone that just graduated. Just scroll down and you should find it. The salary thing is difficult to get a handle on. The answer is it really depends.......on what, you ask? Location How many years you have been practicing Those seem to be the big things. You will hear that it does not pay to become a CNM, that the salary is too low. And it is all about perspective. If you have been an RN for 20 some years and are making 70,000/year. It does not make sense to them to go to school for an additional 2 years and make 75,000/year as a new CNM grad (according to Payscale.com/for my area). But the earning potential is higher, what would that same CNM grad be making in 20 years? Just like any profession the higher your education level=the higher your pay. But for some nurses that have been working for quite a while it does not make sense. The other most often complained about issue is schedules of CNM's. That again is a "it depends" I have meet tons of CNM's and CPM's now and their schedules are as varied as any nurse. Some have what I consider crazy call schedules, but so do a couple of me fellow students at Frontier that are RN's in L&D. One works 3/12's and is on call for 2 days a week. She usually gets called in, she had to cut down to part-time with no-call because she could not handle the course load with working that way. One CNM (did not do birhts) worked at Planned Parenthood doing Pap/pelvics and BC prescriptions and worked Mon-Fri 9-5. And the other thing to consider is some women (like myself) just have to be a midwife. I feel like I would want to do this even if I made the same amount of money as a counter girl and McDonalds. I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to be done with school and practicing. So those things are not that much of a consideration for me. But just like FNP's, CNM's salaries are increasing and the demand for them is increasing too. I am sure I will have a comfortable living as a CNM, I do as an RN and I know it will not be worse than it is now!!
  8. TLAandy

    Where are the "normal" births?

    "The Farm" is in Tennessee, that is where you will find Ina May Gaskin. In Kentucky if where you will Find the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. But wow, wouldn't it be great if they were in the same place?? What you are saying about interventions is spot on, the more interventions the more the risk of complication go up. OB/GYN's love to augment labor with Pitocin, which causes the pain to be worse (not to mention being unable to move, flat on your back) the worsening pain causes the mom to ask for an epidural, which causes the labor to slow down, which causes the OB to once again increase the Pitocin, which decreases the amount of O2 the fetus receives, TADA=Fetal distress>>>>>>>OR=C-section. I work in a Birth Center in Florida with two CNM's, as a Birth Assistant for Births and Medical Assistant in the office. I am an RN and currently a Student Nurse Midwife at Frontier. Complications like the one described above are rare at the birth center. There are no pitocin inductions or epidurals. Our client population is the same as the local hospital, yet we don't have the same kind of complications they do. It basically comes down to something I very wise Professional Midwife told me, "If you don't break the Mom and baby, you don't have to fix the Mom and baby." It is sooooo true. Some of the countries with the lowest infant/maternal mortality statistics primarily use Midwifes for most uncomplicated pregnancies. We might get there some day, I sure hope so.
  9. TLAandy

    Student Nurse Midwife looking for someone to shadow

    I am also SNM, I recommend you go to your local chapter meeting of ACNM, I went to mine shortly after starting school and midwives just came up to me and started offering to help in anyway possible. Good luck!!
  10. Excelsior was fine, that CPNE (clinical test-out) was a beast, but if you go into it like you do not know anything and practice exactly like the study guide said to do it, you were fine. I like Frontier. I am liking it more and more. The first year (bridge from ADN to Master's) was a little rough, but now that I have cut down my interaction with drama filled students I like it more and more. The work is not too hard, if you set up a schedule and follow it, it is very doable. I work full time too, so it requires a schedule, otherwise I would never get anything done!!
  11. TLAandy

    Online CNM-no BSN required?

    Frontier is the place to check out! I too was an LPN and then did my RN online through Excelsior. I am in my second year at Frontier. Just like any program it has its good and bad points, but if it was not online I would not be able to do it. Good luck!!
  12. TLAandy

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    It varies state by state. It also depends on the physician you are working with. A great resource on something like this is ACNM website, they actually address issues like this in their "Standards for Practice of Midwifery" document. The last section: STANDARD VIII MIDWIFERY PRACTICE MAY BE EXPANDED BEYOND THE ACNM CORE COMPETENCIES TO INCORPORATE NEW PROCEDURES THAT IMPROVE CARE FOR WOMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES. The midwife: 1. Identifies the need for a new procedure taking into consideration consumer demand, standards for safe practice, and availability of other qualified personnel. 2. Ensures that there are no institutional, state, or federal statutes, regulations, or bylaws that would constrain the midwife from incorporation of the procedure into practice. 3. Demonstrates knowledge and competency, including: a) Knowledge of risks, benefits, and client selection criteria. b) Process for acquisition of required skills. c) Identification and management of complications. d) Process to evaluate outcomes and maintain competency. 4. Identifies a mechanism for obtaining medical consultation, collaboration, and referral related to this procedure. 5. Maintains documentation of the process used to achieve the necessary knowledge, skills and ongoing competency of the expanded or new procedures. Reference: http://www.midwife.org/siteFiles/descriptive/Standards_for_Practice_of_Midwifery_12_09_001.pdf Source: Division of Standards and Practice Approved: ACNM Board of Directors, March 8, 2003; Revised and Approved: ACNM Board of Directors, December 4, 2009 (Supersedes the ACNM's Functions, Standards and Qualifications, 1983 and Standards for the Practice of Nurse-Midwifery 1987, 1993. Standard VIII has been adapted from the ACNM's Guidelines for the Incorporation of New Procedures into Nurse-Midwifery Practice)
  13. TLAandy

    Question about applying to Frontier

    I am currently a student at Frontier, this is my second year. I was a bridge student in 2010. If you are an RN, I do not see why not. There was a student with us that finished his BSN while in the bridge and transitioned into the MSN track. But if you do not have an RN license it would be no. I know they are very flexible on the 1 year RN experience stuff, because I did not have 1 year experience as an RN and some of my fellow students did not either. For the midwifery track you do not need 1 year of L&D, despite what you might read. I graduated in March 09, passed the boards in April 09, was accepted to Frontier in Sept 09, started Jan 10. I did not have 1 day of experience in L&D. The only experience I had was working for an OB/GYN as an LPN several years before. Hope this was helpful!!
  14. leablossom, I am an Excelsior graduate. I graduated in April, 2009 applied to Frontier for their Sept class 2009 and was accepted. During my phone interview I was told that my being an "online student" is a strength, considering that Frontier is a distance program. It did not seem to even be an issue. I did not apply to any other programs. I had bee wanting to go to Frontier for years. Hope this is helpful!!
  15. TLAandy

    When to apply to Frontier

    Nope, you do not have to have experience as an RN in L&D to get into their CNM program. I passed the NCLEX in May of 2009 and started that November 2009 in the ADN to MSN bridge program. I stayed in the same field I had worked as while being an LPN, rehab. You also do not have to have your license in hand, I met several students via facebook that where already accepted, pending they past the NCLEX. So apply there is no good reason not to.
  16. TLAandy

    Accepted to frontier!!!!

    Update: I will be starting at the end of the month Class 71, I got called Monday the 2nd. Whoohoo, don't have to wait till March, PAR-TAY:jester:!! I will be paying for the school with student loans. I am hoping once in the midwifery track, I can get a scholarship with the National Health Service. They pay for your school and you work for them for 2 years. And they have a student loan repayment program also. If you meet the qualifications pretty much you get accepted from what I have been told, you just might not get into that class, if there are alot of applicants you will get wait listed, the sooner you get your application in the better it is. The applicants I talked to all the early ones got in and the ones that got applications in were wait listed, like me. I got my application in 2 weeks before the deadline. Good luck!!