Have you taken one of these Stats courses for Frontier entry requirement?

  1. The Frontier website lists these two Statistics courses as acceptable for their entry requirement; I'm wondering if anyone has taken either?
    Any feeback would be appreciated!

    University of Washington Online Learning
    STAT 311 Elements of Statistical Methods

    University of Utah
    PSY-3000 Statistical Methods in Psychology

    They also are starting their own course in April, any word on that would be great, too. I have math-fear so I'm looking for any scoop possible
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  3. by   l&drocks
    Hi there. I am a Frontier student and did not take either one of the above courses, but I did take a statistics course that Frontier recommended and was transferred for credit and it was through Canyon College. It was very user friendly, totally online. The instructor I had was great and answered all questions. I too hate math and had a really bad fear of taking the course, but I did ok in it. Good luck.
  4. by   babynurse2001
    I'm currently a Frontier student as well and I also took the Canyon College Stats Course. Is this one still an option for you or have they changed the prereqs? It was very user friendly and I also hate math. I'm sure either of the other 2 would be fine too... it really isn't too bad if you take it one step at a time! Good luck!
  5. by   l&drocks
    I just took my stats back in the summer and Frontier accepted it as a transfer credit.
  6. by   mitchsmom
    Thanks for the feedback
  7. by   Baby Catcher, CNM
    I just graduated from the CNEP program and I also took the Canyon College stats course. I'm a math-a-phob too and I found it really easy.
  8. by   mitchsmom
    ... I am revisiting this question because I still haven't taken the stats class and now the Canyon College one isn't accepted anymore...

    Sooo.. any word on which is best between the Frontier stats class, the Univ. Utah one, and the U of Washington one??? The Univ. of Utah one looks like it's the cheapest but it's 9 months long?????!!??
  9. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    I'm looking to apply to Frontier for the ADN to MSN bridge program. I'm starting my statistics course at my local community college next week (online). I noticed that Frontier will only accept transfers of stats courses from those two programs listed above, otherwise, I'll have to take stats as part of the bridge curriculum provided by Frontier.

    I've never taken stats before, so I figure, taking it now at my community college will only help me to pass it when I take it again as part of the bridge curriculum! Though I am hoping that they'll accept it as a transfer credit......

    I plan to apply for the bridge program starting in fall 2008.
  10. by   HeritageRN
    Hello! I am also wanting to apply to Frontier to start next Feb or June. I have heard that the Frontier Stats course is difficult. I was planning on taking the course offered at Univ Utah. It looks like it offers alternative ways of learning rather than just looking at a book and it costs less. Also if you are conserned about the 9 months, it is a self paced class and you have a maximum of 9 months to complete it but if you want to go faster you can. Let me know what you decide and maybe we can bounce questions off of eachother as we go. When are you planning to attend Frontier?
  11. by   justme1972
    Most colleges will usually pre-approve a course for you before you take it. All you have to do is contract the registrar's office, tell them the name of the college and the course number (sending a link of the college catalog is helpful), and they will read the description and let you know.
  12. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    Well, the stats course I took last year is not accepted at Frontier - and only because I am a bridge student and do not have a bachelor's degree. If, however, I already had a bachelor's degree, they would have accepted my stats course.

    c'est la vie! At least I have a knowledge base to draw from when taking stats again at Frontier!

    Jen G
  13. by   Smark35
    We'll suffer through it together! There is always wine. Shannon
  14. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    Quote from Smark35
    We'll suffer through it together! There is always wine. Shannon
    Shannon -

    Ahhh! Wine!

    PS - did you notice the student intro on the pre-frontier bound site? I saw yours! Mine is there too :-)