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Smark35 has 10 years experience and specializes in LDRP.

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  1. Accepted to frontier!!!!

    Congratulations!!!!! Welcome to the Frontier Family! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:
  2. Pre-Nursing major want to Masters to NP and specialize In OB

    If you're wanting to deliver babies-you want to be a certified nurse-midwife. (CNM) These providers provide prenatal and gyn care to low risk pregnant women, write prescriptions, manage labor, and deliver babies. They also see non-pregnant women for ...
  3. Frontier or ECU?

    I am a Frontier student, and I feel it's a great program. There is a huge sense of belonging and a great support network for Frontier students. They have been doing distance for longer than anyone else, and they've really perfected it. It is not an e...
  4. I just completed my 3rd term of the bridge year, nurse midwifery track. I will be going part-time after I complete the bridge year, and I work 24 hours/week. I have 3 children, a 15yr old involved in sports and school, a 10 year old with autism and A...
  5. Any Frontier NP students willing to share...

    Barb, Yes, it's me. I'm so glad to hear you not only passed stats, but did well. I knew you could do it!! :yeah:Take care, Shannon
  6. Are All Distance Programs Created Equal?

    I can't anwer your question about SUNY Stonybrook as I am a Frontier student. I can tell you that Frontier has grads from all 50 states and other countries as well. They Ok, that was a litte tongue in cheek. I know it can be d...
  7. Frontier, University of Southern Indiana- FNP

    I believe the neatness of your application, years of experience, strength of essays, GPA and phone interview are part of the point system. There may be more points that are considered, but I think that is most of them.
  8. Frontier, University of Southern Indiana- FNP

    I am a student at Frontier. Yes, your GPA will be competitive, Frontier requires a 3.0 or higher. They use a point system to rank potential applicants, and require at least 1 year of nursing experience. The admissions process is fairly straightforwar...
  9. online nurse practitioner

    I am a frontier student, and if I recall correctly, your GPA must be 3.0 or greater from your most recent degree- so your chances of admission would be good, I think. Frontier is a great school, good luck in your search. :)
  10. How do I find a list of accredited online adult NP programs?

    I am a student at Frontier school of midwifery and family nursing and I love it. They offer a MSN-with family practice nurse practitioner, womens health nurse practitioner or nurse midwifery. It's a great school. Good luck in your se...
  11. I am a midwifery student at Frontier, so I can only tell you about my experience. All students start with the same masters core curriculum, however, so I can tell you that your education will be a good one. There are two required on-campus sessions r...
  12. searching for best online program

    I am a student at Frontier. They have an online FNP program. It's a great school. Good luck in your search!
  13. An Introduction

    Frontier school of midwifery and family nursing has an associate-masters bridge program. Frontier is a distance school, but students are required to attend on campus for 5 days at the beginning of classes, 5 days at the end of the br...
  14. ADN to NP... how?

    Congratulations!!! Welcome to the Frontier family.:yeah:
  15. Are All Distance Programs Created Equal?

    I am a CNM student in Frontier's ADN-MSN bridge program. I chose Frontier because of the bridge program, their extensive experience with offering a high quality distance education, and the loyalty demonstrated to the school by former grads. I am now ...