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  1. babynurse2001

    Midwife or Women's health NP?

    I am currently a Frontier student and love it - it is a great school. There have been many discussions about Frontier on this board, if you do a search you will find them. Good luck!
  2. babynurse2001

    Applying to Frontier

    Congratulations on taking the plunge! I am a Frontier student and loving it, almost 1/2 way there. It is a hard program but not too hard to manage. I don't know much about the bridge program, it is relatively new. I see that you're from Alaska, just curious, since I am too (Ketchikan), what part? Whan I was in Hyden last year there weren't too many pins in the Alaska map that shows where all the frontier students are, and I was the first from SouthEast!.
  3. I'm currently a Frontier student as well and I also took the Canyon College Stats Course. Is this one still an option for you or have they changed the prereqs? It was very user friendly and I also hate math. I'm sure either of the other 2 would be fine too... it really isn't too bad if you take it one step at a time! Good luck!
  4. babynurse2001


    I live in Ketchikan, AK, which is the southernmost city in Alaska. It is similar to Juneau in climate as in wet but not too cold. I can't speak for all of Alaska but can tell you we are pretty deperate down here for nurses. We need OB, ICU, ER, House Supervisors, you name it we need it. We take staff, travelers, and private contracts. I don't know specifically which agencies we use but I could find out pretty easily if you want to PM me I will get back to you. I work OB and if there are any OB travelers out there that are interested I REALLY want to hear from you!
  5. babynurse2001

    Frontier interview scheduled

    Congratulations! You will do great! I am a Frontier student nurse midwife, just went to Frontier Bound a few weeks ago... it was an amazing and inspiring experience. You'll really like Suzan, she is really down to earth and the interview was no big deal, just typical interview questions. Why do you want to be a midwife, etc. Good luck!
  6. babynurse2001

    I'm IN!!!

    I was accepted to Frontier finally last week! I am off to Kentucky for Frontier Bound in November! I am so excited, nervous, and totally terrified all at the same time! Any other Frontier students / grads out there?
  7. babynurse2001

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    I was off the floor for 15 minutes to grab my lunch and my then manager was watching my patients. When I returned she was standing at the nurse's station chatting with another nurse. I asked her if everybody was allright and she turned to me and said "Was your baby blue when you left?" She's not my manager anymore...
  8. babynurse2001

    Docs making stupid decisions

    Wow! We have a similar setup as you but not quite as busy (if we do over 30 in a month we almost keel over). It has been our long standing practice as a unit to regulate inductions to some degree. Unless the doc has a really serious medical reason (PIH, etc.) they don't get to do inductions if we're already busy. We'll schedule them if they want but the doc and the pt know that they will be "bumped" if we're too busy to care for them safely. There is no way tose inductions would have both proceeded here with the example you gave. We also never schedule more than 1 thing per day unless we really have to then we get someone to work extra to back it up. Do you have a dedicated OB manager? If so they probably need to take this one an and write some clear policy and then have the *&^% to back it up when the docs get pissed off. It will be a difficult transition but the patients will be safer for it in the long run. As far as the other stuff goes - things like doing an AROM on someone that could wait when the rest of the floor is busy that's a litttle more sticky. Are your docs open to suggestions at all? If you can talk to them and explain your rationalle will they listen? That is how I have handled that one in the past but then again we have fabulous docs that are very reasonable. Good luck.
  9. babynurse2001

    Newborn assessment resource needed, Help!

    This isn't from a professional journal, but from a continuing education site. It may be helpful. http://www.netce.com/courseoverview.php?courseid=257
  10. babynurse2001

    Cervical Checks

    Best advice I got as a new grad was "don't come out till you find it - every woman has one".
  11. babynurse2001

    opinions about epidurals

    Perhaps I'm just crazy... But am I the only one out here left who finds value in the awesome power of labor? You know - the value of women discovering excatly what their bodies are capable of? That they can do this thing that their mothers, aunts, grandmothers did? There is also value for the significant other to witness this powerful force called labor.... and knowing that their partner is a strong and capable woman? It's true that coaching a woman through a natural labor is very hard and time consuming work, but doesn't anybody else love it? Doesn't anybody else get sick of piling on intervention after intervention that comes with anesthesia? Itching, vomiting, cathing, decels... Me, 2 babies, no epidurals. I know how strong I am and remember it every day when I parent my 3 and 5 year olds.