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Hi guys, 

I'm an NP student expecting to graduate next year. I started this program while I was working bedside on a very busy step down unit and I was ready to move on! I recently got an awesome job as an RN on a different unit and now I'm not so sure if I'm ready to leave this position so soon. I still want to finish the program, especially since my work has been paying for it but I want to ideally stay in my current position for a few more years. When I graduate as an NP, am I required to take the boards within a certain amount of time? 

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I think you're looking too far ahead. Right now it sounds like you're in the "honeymoon" phase of your new position. Your opinion might change substantially over the next few months.

My advice...keep doing what you're doing and deal with this issue later if it's even still an issue

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Seriously take the boards as soon as you are confident to take them.  Don't wait on that no matter what your current work situation is.  You can remain in your job regardless of your current work.  You just need to make sure there are job parameters that aren't considering your NP as a function they could utilize.  

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I agree about not waiting, but I don't think there's a requirement to take it within a certain amount of time.

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No need to wait - once you pass the certification is good for something like five years! Why not get it out of the way while it is fresh instead of trying to study from scratch 2 or 3 years down the road if you find you no longer like that RN position, or an NP position opens up that you really want?

I don’t think there is a timeline. Take the certification as you wish. Personally if you love your RN position, I would stay in it until you decide you don’t like it. Why leave a position that satisfies you?