Hey everyone, I'm looking into studying for the CEN and I'm trying to find some reliable resources. I found others on here had recommended the CEN Review Manual by ENA, though when looking at reviews on amazon it looks like they haven't updated the book in a while and it's not as reliable as it once was? It also appeared as though it's more for practice questions rather than study information? (Both of which I would love, but would like to know exactly what I'm buying to ensure I obtain enough to pass the exam)


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All of the nurses that work in the ER where I'm at that are CEN certified have told me that they used the book "Pass CEN". I bought the book for about $38 on Amazon and going through it, it is packed with information! I've already learned so much just going through it! Good luck :)

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The response is going to be "It Depends"

When I took it the first time I didn't study anything specific. I downloaded the blueprint and then just went about my job and then took the test. We won't discuss how long ago that was.

There are actually two different phases of studying for any specialty certification. There is the studying that you do to be competent in your job. They there is the review that you do fill in the gaps in you education.

If you looking to study, then Sheehy's emergency nursing is the "bible". If your looking for just a review/refresher then any of the practice test books will work. You can then supplement things by goggling CEN and looking at the different YouTube and blog offerings.

But first I'd start with going to the BCEN site and looking at the test outline and they evaluate what you already know. Take a couple practice test and then you'll have a better idea where you stand and what you need to study.

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Mark Boswell has some good stuff too. I took the practice tests and then watched his YouTube videos of the content where my holes were. I also liked his page on Facebook and he does review questions on there with rationale. Sheey's is my bible as well, used it before CEN and after, great resource for any ER nurse.

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All of the above. I really liked Mark's book. I took the test before he had youtube video's so I can't comment on those.


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Mark Boswell's YouTube videos are very informative and will not put you to sleep. I also ordered his study guide by going to his website and studied that before taking and passing the CEN.

Good Luck!!

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I used Sheehy's and also lectures by Jeff Solheim/MedEd. Great stuff!


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I have always liked the combination of a text and a Q&A review. Last time I used Sheehy's text, Lippincott's Q&A Certifications Review for Emergency Nursing and Jeff Solheim's videos online. I passed with 96%. I think it mostly matters if you will enjoy the way you are studying enough to do it consistently.


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As someone previously posted, I would highly recommend printing out the test blue print and studying based off of that. Also, if you haven't already, take TNCC. The CEN exam has a decent amount of trauma based questions so TNCC really helps with that. I bought the ENA's "Sheehy's Emergency Nursing" textbook off of eBay for about $10 and used it to study. Good luck to you!