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  1. Sorry, looks like it was a repost, didn't recall posting this before
  2. Soran

    Fastest route to the heart via IV access?

    For those saying EJ, I was speaking for IVs that RNs (at least in my hospital) are allowed to obtain. I would agree an EJ would be fastest, but I was speaking more in terms for which arm. We had bilateral 18's (I put one in the left as someone put one in the right). The right was upper arm (patient was muscular so it was fairly easy access) and I got an AC on the left side. The primary nurse wanted one on the left, though I suggested the right is fastest as that's what I learned somewhere at some point in time. Thanks everyone for their input =) We broke SVT with 1 dose so in the end that's all that matters.
  3. So today I got into a mini debate with another nurse about which route is the fastest to the heart for peripherally IVs. The debate started when we were giving Adenosine for SVT 250HR. (Delay in care did not occur, it was discussed after the fact) At one time, whether it was in school or precepting in the ED I learned that the fastest route to the heart is using the right arm and going for AC or upper arm if possible, despite the fact the heart is on the left side. While I'm sure if there is an actual difference, it's miniscule for things like CTA's and administering Adenosine. Just for the fun of knowing, can anyone tell me which arm is a faster route to the heart for IVs and any proof if you're able to provide it.
  4. Today I had a patient come in by ambulance due to nausea. Said nausea has been going on for >5 years, per patient. She also complained of breast tenderness, which had begun in 1969. She already had an appointment with her primary, and had been getting treated for her chronic nausea, but figured we would be able to do more than her primary. Her nausea/tenderness was no worse today than it was 5 years ago. Her vitals were taken and she was discharged within approx 5 minutes.
  5. Didn't have something called sounding rods for sexual pleasure, so inserted a balloon like clowns use to make balloon animals into his urethra. He let go of it and apparently slid in too deep for him to retrieve. Came complaining he couldn't get it out and painful urination.
  6. Soran

    ED Interview

    I was given a list of open positions and asked which one I wanted, followed by a tour of the ER's 120+ beds. I didn't have a real interview
  7. Soran


    Hey everyone, I'm looking into studying for the CEN and I'm trying to find some reliable resources. I found others on here had recommended the CEN Review Manual by ENA, though when looking at reviews on amazon it looks like they haven't updated the book in a while and it's not as reliable as it once was? It also appeared as though it's more for practice questions rather than study information? (Both of which I would love, but would like to know exactly what I'm buying to ensure I obtain enough to pass the exam)
  8. Soran

    ER Wishlist Items!

    I would say an ultrasound machine for ultrasound guided IV's would be more useful than a vein finder light. We use ultrasound for that in my ER. Gotta be trained, but it's worth it.
  9. Soran

    Advice for a New Grad in the ER!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions, that's the only way you will learn How long of an orientation phase do you get? I was a new grad that started in the busiest ER in my state and I survived/am surviving. Only been there for about 7 months now, but I've learned a lot and continue to learn a lot. You have to be willing to get involved and help others. In my ED we all work really well as a team to help others and learn from others. When I started working there I had a couple people that helped orient me, and most of them kept telling me it's a steep learning curve being brand new and starting in the ER, but if you have the drive for it, you will do great. They all thought I should come off orientation early, you just gotta strive to be the best you can be!
  10. Soran

    High school student needing help

    Looks like most people are posting what I would say Get your BSN, getting your ASN to get a job, then to do RN to BSN is a waste of time and money in my opinion Most hospitals around me only hire BSN because it looks better statistically Keep yourself driven, like you appear to be now, and you will reach your goal If you want to impress an employer, try to work as a PCA in the NICU if they have those (I dunno?), try getting your PALS/ACLS before submitting a resume as an RN to increase your chances I know my hospital doesn't hire new RNs in the NICU, but I'm sure anything is possible if you can make yourself known. If not, pick a department that will assist you in getting to your goal. Peds/PICU. Good luck!
  11. Soran

    COPD and O2 sat

    Recently had a pt transferred from a nursing home to the ER. When she arrived her sats were at 68% on 4L O2 and declining from the transport company (not even an ambulance). Pt reports difficulty "getting air". She has COPD and lung CA with partial lobectomy on left upper lobe. At what point do benefits outway the risks in terms of giving the pt more liters of oxygen? I turned up the amount she was receiving to 6L and her levels gradually rose to 85-89% while others said that would be too much and kill her drive to breathe being COPD. I believe benefits outway the risk of increasing oxygen in this scenario. Someone turned down the 6L I was administering and she began to drop again, respiratory showed up and turned it back up to where I had it, prior to putting on a venti-mask.
  12. Soran

    How many of you precept nursing students?

    In the beginning I know I wasn't able to do much as a nursing student. We had to have skills checked off in our lab first. I always insured I had everything possible at the time checked off so I could learn in the hospital when we had clinicals. In my senior year I was able to do all the skills as long as the RN accompanied me or my instructor came with me. I was always asking questions or getting involved. Some days I didn't say much because I would get put with an RN that didn't seem interested in having a student, their charge just placed us with them. Those days sucked. We had students in my class that would do as described above, text the whole time, not even go in the patients rooms and somehow got away with it. I've only been on my own now for 2 months off orientation, but I hope when I do get a student I'm able to inspire them the way my orienting nurse did for me, though I knew her already from her graduating from the same school a few years prior to me
  13. Soran

    What Kind of Experiences before ER

    I started in the ER right out of school. There's a 3 month orientation phase where for about a month I go through various floors/units and the other 2ish months was with my ER preceptor. I've been off orientation for about 2-3 months now and I love it. It's hard at first trying to keep up with the speed. The ER I work in is the busiest in my state and we have a time we try to have patients in and out/admitted in. It's been such a huge learning experience and well worth it.
  14. Soran

    Nebulised lignocaine for NG insertion

    I just put in my first NG the other day. I asked the physician about his preference as my supervisor said I should ask for something for anxiety such as ativan. He said he would use hurricane spray, but to see what the pt would prefer. Ended up just giving morphine for his pain from the obstruction and that was good enough to get the tube down as well. It went down with no complications, no complaint from the pt besides discomfort of feeling the tube in his throat. Since that was my first one, are all times not as easy as that? I've had a scope in and down my nasal cavity when ENT was looking for nasal polyps and it wasn't too uncomfortable.
  15. Soran


    I took my test back in June and got all 265 as well. It was my first time taking it and I was positive I had failed, for the same reason you gave for your second test. Reading what was on here was discouraging. I didn't have as many SATA as my friends did and they had fewer questions. You would think with 265 you would have more SATA if you're going to pass. So to those that still have to take it, don't read too much into other peoples theories, just wait until you know your results. As for the pearson trick, I was under the impression it no longer worked. Soon after I took it (the trick worked for me) I was told by someone else in my class that they updated their website and it wasn't allowing him to do the steps to do the trick. I'm not sure if he just didn't know how, or maybe it's possible to do it again. But @babyisa I did the trick ~6 hours after my test and it worked for me. 2 of my friends took it on the same day and I met with them after. They checked ~2 hours after taking it and the trick worked then as well. After 24 hours your test should be graded and your nursing program director should know whether you passed or not and you can get the early score thing I think 24 or 48 hours after taking it.
  16. Soran

    Awkward moment?

    I plan on working in the ICU, and there is only 1 PCA to 18 patients. It's the nurses responsibility.

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