Unique ways to state the obvious . . . .

  1. come on, critical care nurses! the emergency nursing forum has all kinds of cool, funny threads. this one looks like we totally lack a sense of humor! so how many ways can you tell your colleauges that your patient isn't doing well?

    he "dfo'd." (done fell out . . . of the critical pathway, of the chair, whatever)
    negative vi (vulture index)
    he has that "going to jesus look."
    anticipating a celestial transfer.
    pine box at bedside

    there are hundreds more, i'm sure of it.

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  3. by   begalli
    He's in the crapper.

    Circling the drain.

    That one's buying/bought himself a tube.

    I know there's more.....
  4. by   Celia M
    "Going to the Eternal Care Unit"

    "One beat away from asystole"
  5. by   begalli
    Walkie-talkie (long past time to go, this patient DOES NOT belong in the ICU)
  6. by   Jami RN
    Bought his ticket to Montana
    (Montana is known as "Big Sky Country")
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from jami rn
    bought his ticket to montana
    (montana is known as "big sky country")
    that's one i've never heard before!
  8. by   UM Review RN
    Going toward the light

    He's *****'d

    Multiple train wreck
  9. by   NurseConnieR
    He's got the "q" sign (tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth)

    He's getting transferred to SKY C. U.

    He's a "turn and burn" patient (you know, the kind you turn and they go asystole)

    Michelin Man's gonna blow (septic patient about to die)
  10. by   AnnieRN
    How about.."the only thing we can do is mfc..measure for coffin".
  11. by   s.c. lady
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Going toward the light

    He's *****'d

    Multiple train wreck

    that's great! your username is cool too!
  12. by   s.c. lady
    Quote from AnnieRN
    How about.."the only thing we can do is mfc..measure for coffin".

    haven't heard that one, will have to use it!
  13. by   my2sons
    I almost fell on the floor when a co-worker told me he had to tape a patient's "FUPA" up and out of the way to put the compressor on a sheath site. (Fat Upper Pubic Area.)

    Patient was transferred to the E.C.U. (Eternal Care Unit)

    "Fluff and Puff" patients--those stable, unconscious patients that you just turn and do mouthcare Q2H. (and hope they don't poop on your shift!)

    Diprivan: Milk of Amnesia, Mother's Milk, Vitamin D.

    We refer to one physician as "Dad". Dumb A** Doctor.

    Bisacodyl Suppository: Silver bullet.
  14. by   lapappey
    Actively trying to expire. (Don't you hate it when they passively try to expire?)

    On more than a social amount of drip. (What would be a social amount?)

    Bucking the vent. (Ride 'em, cowboy!)

    I thumped him into NSR. (Sounds kind of dirty ...)