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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do.... Read More

  1. by   st4304
    I have been a critical care nurse for seven years in Indiana. I make $20.32/hr. PRN where I work is $35/hr for nights. I would work that but my hubby likes me home at night.

    Good night!

  2. by   2ndCareerRN
    Eastern Washington, spokane

    19.62/hr. Have not been here quite a year yet.

    2.40/hr night differential

    2.23/hr weekend diff

    1.25/hr charge pay

    .75/hr certification pay (CEN)

    Time and 1/2 for working holiday (up to 8 hrs) then double over 8,
    then 8 hours holiday pay for the holiday.

    16% more on base if working per diem.

    Flex pay for insurance...I actually get some back from that because I don't use employers med/dental.

    depending on the agency, I can work per diem about 2-3 hours away for 38-52 dollars/hr. (depends on time of day/week/etc.)

  3. by   lncmitch
    ....And they wonder why there is a nursing shortage!!!???!! These pay scales are really pitiful you guys..but what else is new??
  4. by   lncmitch
  5. by   susanmary
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  6. by   joyflnoyz
    LPN..home for the past 15 years. Current pay is 18.75 base plus $3/hr shift dif for afternoon shift. Working in a skilled nursing facility that has LTC, assisted living and rehab units.
  7. by   joyflnoyz
    Oh.. no sick days, 1 week vacation after a year.
  8. by   moonrose2u
    i am a 49 y/o nurse in the midwest working telemetry in a "magnet" hospital voted one of the highest in the nation for nurses (their marketing)...graduated in in psych.. ancc certification as a nrsg generalist...current masters student in liberal studies with concentration in gerontology...i make 21.63/hr base...eve diff is 4.00...

    the nurses top pay is 24./hr..
  9. by   NSDRN
    Here in North Carolina pay ranges from $17.00 (new grad) to $25.00 per hour. At my facility pay is the same regardless of department. You can acquire more pay by climbing the clinical ladder.
  10. by   lncmitch
    Originally posted by lncmitch
  11. by   bestblondRN
    Originally posted by chrisB
    I am an ICU nurse with 12 years experience. I work in La. outside of New Orleans. I am 23.00 base with diffs on top of that. 2.50 for CCRN plus any night shift diff. On the weekends, I make about 33/hr for weekend nights. What a difference from around the country. I wish I lived in Los Angeles though..WOW..40/hr
    Chris B
    You also need to consider the cost of living in Los Angeles, which is probably easily 100% higher than Louisiana or Mississippi.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    I make $21.05 right now, that doesn't include the 5%shift differential for night shift. I am thinking about going Full time at a job that is further away from my home and would make less money. This job starts out at $16.59/hr. Because I have 5 yrs experience, I'd get paid an extra 7% so that brings my base pay up to 17.75/hr. They pay a 7% diff for 3-11 shift and a 12% sdiff for nights and every shift gets an extra 35 cents an hour on the weekends.. No differential for ICU setting and no differential for my BSN till I get to a certain point on the clinical ladder.

    But, where I am at now I am an ICU nurse but because our census is so low I get floated out to the floors so am not truly getting ICU experience. SO, that's why I am thinking of leaving my current job.
  13. by   BadBird
    I work agency evenings for $40-42 an hour in ICU. I think the new nurses on med surg start in the $15.00 range in Pittsburgh

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