Helpful Information for the CCU and other Critical Care Units

  1. I decided to start a thread with helpful information in the CCU. Here are a few links to websites that I think will be very helpful:


    ICUfaq - Excellent all the way around ...

    Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts

    EKGusa - ABG tutorial

    RealNurseED - ABG tutorial self-learning

    12LeadECG - Introduction to 12-lead ecg, the art of interpretation

    CCMTutorials - Intubation, ventilators, respiratory distress, critical care

    Simulation of Respiratory Mechanics

    Auscultation Assistant


    Rale Reference Collection

    Blaufuss Multimedia - Heart sounds/cardiac arrhythmias

    ECGLibrary - Cardiac tracings/advanced

    TheMDSite - Website by Dr. Dale Dubin, author "Rapid Interpretation of EKG's" - Mock Codes


    RNCeus - ECG Strip identification/evaluation

    ECGSim - Interactive simulation program


    Skillstat - ECG recognition w/time limit

    ICUMedicus - ICU case of the week

    MedlinePlus - Arrhythmias

    LearningRadiology - Radiology interpretation

    Practical Clinical Skills EKG Practice/Drill

    Atlas of Human Cardiac Anatomy (University of Minnesota)


    We can add to the list as we go along ...
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  3. by   dianah
    THANK you, Siri! What a help this will be for me! Again, thank you!
  4. by   sirI
    you are welcome di. i have some more i will get together for later.
  5. by   sirI
    helpful links and information, continued........ american association of critical care nurses .... very helpful links on certification as ccrn, progressive care certification such as stepdown units, telemetry units, direct observational units, and transitional units

    american heart association an overall good site for reference material on bls, acls, stroke, mi, and position statements

    take american heart association renewals online

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]american heart association acls online renewal

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]american heart association pals online renewal

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]american heart association bls online renewal

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]american academy of pediatrics nrp ~ locate instructor/hospital/course

    excellent texts/journals:

    cardiothoracic surgical nursing (author: finkelmeier: isbn#0781717132)

    cardiovascular nursing (author: kinney, and packa)

    cardiovascular critical care nursing (author: woods: isbn#044308193x)

    cardiology update journal

    rapid interpretation of ekg's by dr. dale dubin links to a wealth of cardiology journals online

    more to come..................
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  6. by   KatieBell
    These are great. I'm studying for CEN, nothing to do with CCU, and these are really helpful.
  7. by   sirI
    Great, KatieBell. Good luck with your exam. Please let us know when you pass!!!!!
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    as promised, here are other very informative and educational links...... video presentation and animated encylopedia regarding the conduction system. also, excellent discussion regarding pulmonary embolism and coronary angiography blood flow through the heart - animated tutorial

    http:// anatomy of the heart including information on the heartbeat, valves, coronary arteries, circulatory and conduction system - introduction to 12-lead ecg, the art of interpretation. view ecgs and fashcards to quiz on information about the electrical system of the heart. cardiac auscultation hemodynamic monitoring from barnes-jewish hospital management of cardiogenic shock/ahf, including hemodynamic parameters

    [color=#003399] swan/hemodynamic/cardiac - chest imaging tutorial

    more to come............
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    thanks a lot for all these helpful website on all aspects of nursing. i am anticipating that you will always carry on these helpful links.
  10. by   CardioTrans
    Siri, now I know why I loves ya!

    Thanks for all the great links!
  11. by   sirI
    more.......... sedation protocol for vent patients national heart lung and blood institute on cholesterol yale university school of medicine cardiothoracic imaging university of virginia radiology interactive tutorial online interactive radiological case studies chest imaging tutorial
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  12. by   msjangir
    thanks a lot siri for all these helpful links.
  13. by   sirI
    i want to thank daytonite for some of the links provided.

    nurse bob's micu/ccu survival guide
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  14. by   sirI
    i know these are more for the er forum, but many critical care trauma nurses consider seeking this certification:

    board of certification for emergency nursing (bcen) ~ certified emergency nurse

    others consider enp:

    emergency nurse practitioner (enp) scope of practice

    the emergency nurse practitioner (enp) program prepares advanced practice nurses with the knowledge and skills needed to provide emergency and urgent health care services to individuals of all ages. emphasis is on the management of acute illnesses, trauma, and/ or chronic unstable illnesses requiring immediate attention, stabilizing the individual’s condition, and determining appropriate referral and follow-up care. enps provide care in ambulatory, urgent care, and emergency department settings. many graduates are prepared to be recognized as advanced practice nurses by the board of nurse examiners and to take the family nurse practitioner national certification examination through the american nurses credentialing center or the academy of nurse practitioners

    and, many consider the apn role as a critical care/trauma specialist:

    american association for critical care nurses ~ ccns

    the critical care/trauma clinical nurse specialist
    because inpatient care focuses increasingly on treating the sickest of the sick, the need for advanced practice nurses to provide and coordinate care in emergency rooms, trauma, critical care, and intensive care units has never been greater.
    critical care/trauma clinical nurse specialists fill that role. they bring clinical expertise to acute care across a variety of health care settings, and lead the care management processes that are essential in today's health care environment. many also play a vital teaching and research role; from the front lines they lend a unique and essential perspective to understanding a range of issues confronting nurses.

    university of texas - arlington

    university of texas - houston

    university of south alabama - college of nursing

    vanderbilt university school of nursing

    emory university school of nursing

    university of california, san francisco

    just thought ya'll might be interested in these links.

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