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ccrn exam

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anyone writing the ccrn exam soon. I'm planning to do so soonest. Any tips you can share will be appreciated.

When I took it (the second time it was ever offered, I drove 2 hours to the testing site with a colleague, and boy, were we nervous and excited), the first question was, "What is the purpose of peritoneal dialysis?" I looked around to see if I was in the right room.

With that experience I discovered something really important about specialty certification exams. If you have been practicing at a high level in a setting that gives you broad experience in your specialty long enough, you ought to be able to pass an exam that indicates you've been doing that without a lot of cramming. (That really is sort of the point.)

This has turned out to be true for every certification exam I've ever taken since then, and that's a lot of them. The only one I really studied hard for was in a specialty that I had not, in fact, been working at a high level in a good facility, so I did need to study standards and specifics for things I hadn't seen much pretty intensely. I did pass, though.

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What area of critical care are you working and what level of ICU do you work?

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I am taking it soon, too - haven't set my date yet, but I am thinking I will take it sometime next month. I can't offer any advice, but good luck! I am terrified.

sorry for the late response, been busy, I too will likely take it next month, studying when I get the time.

sorry for this late response. I work in MICU/CCU. Level I trauma midnight shifts.


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Just started studying for the CCRN exam. I'm hoping to take it as soon as I feel ready.

Any tips would be appreciated