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  1. can anyone tell me how I go about getting my ca licence. Is it true I have to send in my transcript. I am licensed in NY and hold a multistate from VA. Where do I begin to start the process.
  2. bahiarn

    ccrn exam

    sorry for this late response. I work in MICU/CCU. Level I trauma midnight shifts.
  3. bahiarn

    ccrn exam

    sorry for the late response, been busy, I too will likely take it next month, studying when I get the time.
  4. bahiarn

    transfer of credits

    Has anyone taken biochem at cal campus and was it transferable to other colleges and universities
  5. bahiarn

    ccrn exam

    anyone writing the ccrn exam soon. I'm planning to do so soonest. Any tips you can share will be appreciated.