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CCRI Spring 2016 Applicants! Who's with me

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Evaluations are run by a few automated processes.

The very early morning runs are done by a process looking for students taking classes that are not in their program of studies and notifying the students.

The health sciences admissions specialists run the points calculation process throughout the day to pick up and process new applications.

The registrar's office will also run an automated process that will generate a new degree evaluation when she is checking to see who's potentially going to be finished with their degrees after this semester.

Yesterday, the nursing application process was closed.

Human verification of the list is now taking place to make sure the computer process didn't make any mistakes.

Once that's done emails will be sent conditionally accepting students.

hi, im applying to lincoln with 167.7. i just have a bad feeling that i wont get in. my evaluations have not been pulled since sept. 2nd

Same here. I have 163.7 and my eval. Hasn't been pulled since the 2nd either.

Don't expect any more degree evaluations to be run for the nursing application processing.

As soon as verification is complete, two sets of emails will go out. One will be the conditional acceptance and the other will be notifying students that they were not able to be accepted.

But if you don't get accepted, you aren't completely out of the game. All accepted students have to pass the BCI, and meet all immunization requirements. If someone doesn't pass and gets their acceptance reversed, the admissions specialists will go back to the list and accept a student from the backfill list.

There are three lists created, Newport, Lincoln and backfill.

Students that were not able to be placed on either campus lists are on the backfill list arranged from highest to lowest points.

If a position opens up on the Lincoln list but you don't have Lincoln as a campus option, you will be bypassed and the first student with Lincoln as an option will get that spot.

The same thing happens with the Newport list.

The range of points used for Lincoln is much wider because more students are being accepted for Lincoln.

The range of points used for Newport is a bit narrower due to a smaller number of students being accepted there.

Just to be clear, there is no relationship between the number of evaluations run by the system and the likelihood that you will be accepted into the nursing class of Spring 2016.


That's great to read. I read previous threads from previous application periods and they all seemed to emphasize the evaluation pull. I can not wait to hear back from the program. Very eager.. And anxious and I'm not quite sure how much longer we have until we hear back!

I'm still so anxious. I'm just trying to "Give it up to God" so to speak, and figure if I get in great and if I don't there is a reason. Good luck everyone and thanks again to I_have_answers!

Hi all, i'm excited that i just found this thread. Has anyone heard anything yet? i am getting extremely nervous we haven't heard any news yet. I figured we would have heard something by now. I can only hit refresh on my email so many times before i go nuts !!:nailbiting:

Does anyone know when we should be finding out? I'm hoping its not october. I've been checking everyday...so nervous! Praying i get in :)


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