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  1. Wow I am so nervous now!!
  2. Question for everyone. So just in case I don't get in this application period. For January I also have everything completed, but my English and psychology was transferred from another university so how would that work with the points?
  3. Yay that's good, but I am taking it too. I have heard that it is definitely easier then a&p.
  4. All my rolls say completed.
  5. Really? What are the new pre-reqs?
  6. It is going to be a long couple of months!! Can't wait to know already!!
  7. Oh ok!! Man this is going to be a stressful couple of months! Smh
  8. General psych or developmental psych? cause I kno we need both
  9. Now there's going to be more people applying in February!
  10. Wow 80 out of 300??!! Oh man! Now I'm really nervous!! Will the point system be changing too I'm guessing it will??
  11. Yes that will be great!!
  12. Hopefully not a lot! lol but not sure cause I know the people who applied last semester and didn't get in will probably be applying again so idk!
  13. Newport got 80 too? Wow that's a lot!
  14. Do anyone know how many seats are available at both campuses?
  15. Oh wow you will for sure get in! I wouldnt worry
  16. How many points do u have if you don't mind answering?

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