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5 hours ago, Megz0785 said:

Does anyone know if the nurse seat form has to be done by tonight?   It doesn't have a specific date listed next to it.  I called today and no one called me back.  I already paid my seat fee but wasn't sure if I should fill out the form since I am still waiting to hear from another college.

I would imagine so to be safe. If you already paid the fee, I don’t see the harm in filling out the form just in case. Regardless I’m pretty sure the fee in non refundable so they either keep your money and you choose here or they keep your money and you choose the other school and they give your seat up. I doubt the form changes anything if you end up changing your mind


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@jessh23  thats what I was thinking.  I did it last night.  Thanks.



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Hi guys! A fellow friend of mine and student of Spring 2022 Essex Days made a facebook page in order to bring everyone together for studying and such. Here is the link, please feel free to join! 
Spring 2022 Essex Days

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Does anybody know when those that were waitlisted find out if they get in for Spring 2022?


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Have y’all completed all of the required vaccinations?