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  1. CCBC Spring 2022

    When is the homework due and when is the test? also what class is it under? I only have access to 155
  2. CCBC Spring 2022

    Hi guys! A fellow friend of mine and student of Spring 2022 Essex Days made a facebook page in order to bring everyone together for studying and such. Here is the link, please feel free to join! Spring 2022 Essex Days
  3. CCBC Spring 2022

    I’m really sorry to bother but I’m having trouble finding it 😭. Could you please post the link?
  4. CCBC Spring 2022

    I’m literally eating on campus right now and my appetite dropped so fast 😂! Congratulations everyone!!
  5. CCBC Spring 2022

    Anyone hear anything back from Essex? 😭
  6. CCBC Spring 2022

    Good luck everyone! 😭💚 I’m sick to my stomach
  7. CCBC Spring 2022

    OMG, Do you have the link?
  8. CCBC Spring 2022

    No, what is that?
  9. CCBC Spring 2022

    Thank you so much for the help! I wasn’t sure if CCBC nursing just put people in classes since we all have to take the same
  10. CCBC Spring 2022

    If we do get accepted, when do we start registering for nursing classes? After orientation? Do we register alone and follow the sequence we have to take the classes from the RN packet? I'm so worried/confused about that haha
  11. CCBC Spring 2022

    I’m finishing up A&P 2, communications 101, and my diversity course (art appreciation 104). What did everyone choose to take for their diversity course? Also thank you guys for answering!
  12. CCBC Spring 2022

    Have most of you guys completed all of your prereqs? If you don't mind me asking
  13. CCBC Spring 2022

    OMG I’m already sick to my stomach Yes! I honestly been telling myself I’m not gonna get in just so it doesn’t hurt as bad if I don’t 😭
  14. CCBC Spring 2022

    Same! my heart dropped to my peach-hole
  15. CCBC Spring 2022

    LOL why even give us a 6-8 week estimate for responses just to push it longer than that. Knowing we’re all anxiously waiting for a response 🤦‍♀️