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  1. Harford CC Spring 2022

    Lilynurse and kam0505, I sent you both a private message.
  2. Harford CC Spring 2022

    @Williams661 thanks for the info. And yes they are killing us! why is everything taking so long?
  3. Harford CC Spring 2022

    No, Im pretty sure its not refundable.
  4. Harford CC Spring 2022

    I don't think we will find out from harford in time. Im just going to pay the seat fee for ccbc. I think we will find out from HCC around November 8 based on how it was last semester.
  5. CCBC Essex Spring 2022 Cohort

    Hi. Congratulations to everyone. I was also accepted but am waiting to hear back from another school that is closer to where I live. Thank you so much for all of your support though this.
  6. CCBC Spring 2022

    Congrats!! Im crying too
  7. CCBC Spring 2022

    OMG! I got my seat fee too.
  8. CCBC Spring 2022

    Has anyone checked their simon for seat fees????
  9. CCBC Spring 2022

    Congratulations everyone!!! Nothing from Essex yet.
  10. CCBC Spring 2022

    I'm not sure if it will mess up being accepted but I don't think that you will be able to register for classes so I would call to be sure, if you have one.
  11. CCBC Spring 2022

    No I am with you. I am a train wreck right now. I need this to be over!
  12. CCBC Spring 2022

    Your welcome @edtonurse. Im glad you got that fixed before it was an issue. And thanks for the info. That give me hope. (I'm so grasping at straws here. This waiting is killing me!)
  13. CCBC Spring 2022

    Has anyone heard anything else or checked if the have a seat fee recently? This whole routine is like my new obsession; check simon for updates, check emails and check this website for any information. Im so impatient!
  14. CCBC Spring 2022

    I would be bitter too. All of this is unnecessary complicated!
  15. Harford CC Spring 2022

    No, haven't heard anything yet. I applied last semester and results were mailed to us on a Friday that right at 8 weeks from the deadline so I think that will be around the 5th of November.