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I was hoping to find some answers regarding castlebranch background checks, nursing school, and clinical sites. So, I've recently been accepted into an LVN to RN nursing program here in Los Angeles, California. I have a history of 2 misdemeanor driving with a suspended license from 2009 and 2010, as well as a misdemeanor 485 PC, which is misappropriation of property (petty theft). Also, I was involved in a series of unfortunate events where I found someone's ID and coincidentally was searched by the police. The original arrest was for identity theft, but it was later dropped to misappropriation of property because I had found it and didn't return it in timely fashion. The case was ultimately send to diversion and dismissed by the court after 8 hours community service and a theft diversion program. After the fact, I was accepted into a LVN program and clinical sites, and have been working as a LVN for 6 years now with no problems. Anyway, my question is, will this show up on the castlebranch background check even 14 years later? Does castlebranch report the conviction or do they report the arrest? What is a class A and B theft considered (tried googling, no clear answer)? Do you think this will hinder my chances of getting into a clinical site with a community college? Castlebranch has already stated that records are found, but it says "in process". When I called them they said "we haven't found any records, YET." Here is an excerpt from my colleges student handbook.

•Seven Years History
• Sex offender database search
• Two names (current legal and one other name)
• Social Security Number verification

Students will be unable to attend clinical facilities for the following convictions:
• Murder
• Felony assault
• Criminal spousal/cohabitant abuse
• Sexual offenses/sexual assault/Child abuse or neglect
• Felony possession and furnishing
• Drug and alcohol offenses, including DUI
• Other felonies involving weapons and/or violent crimes
• Class B and Class A misdemeanor theft/Felony Theft
• Fraud
• Current drug use

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You need to consult an attorney regarding your theft history in order to get an actual answer and not just some random answer from a chat site. 


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Why would you assume I haven't contacted lawyers yet? I have and they don't have any solid answers. I was hoping someone here had a similar experience and can shed some light on their experience, not some "random answer". Thanks for your very helpful reply. 

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It was "assumed" because you failed to disclose that information in your original post. You received a valid response based on the information you provided.