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  1. Hey everyone! I am new to this side and absolutely love it. I found it very informative. I was excepted into an LPN program and I start in March. The program last 11 months. Long story short, back in 2016 I was involved in a fight at a bar… I was attacked and defended myself. We both ended up getting arrested, and charged with fourth degree petty assault. This happened in Kentucky and it is a misdemeanor charge. I can have this charged expunged after five years which I plan on doing, October 17 will be the five-year mark. I was very upfront and honest about this with the coordinator of the program, I was able to be accepted to the program but she said it could cause me issues being licensed once I graduate the program and take the NCLEX. I should be able to go to court and have the charge expunged before I even finish the program. But the coordinator of the program said that even with the charge being dropped that the board of nursing could still decline my application to be licensed license. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? And if so what was the outcome? I was under the impression that when a charge is expunged it no longer shows up on your record. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to be nurse my entire life and the opportunity finally worked itself out, but I do not want to go through the program if I’m not going to get licensed. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Any input is greatly appreciated 🙂
  2. Hello all, I am currently a nursing student set to start my clinicals in the fall. I do have a criminal background. I was wondering if anyone here has run into trouble doing clinicals. I call the coordinators at my school and much to my surprise she just told me to wait the 7 years, which is how far back employers look at your background. I did not want to accept this as I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am now. I am freaking out. I have called the area hospitals and they all have told me to talk to me, clinical coordinators. Has anyone here dealt with a similar situation or something close to it? This is going to make me lose my mind. I have made some less than desirable choices but I refuse to let them stand in my way. Thanks