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  1. futrnursenickii

    First year nurse. Thinking about leaving field altogether.

    So to be making these kinds of mistakes you really must not be paying attention or you’re getting overwhelmed and trying to move too fast. I’m a nursing student but I passed meds for 10 years before going to nursing school. You keep repeating the same mistakes at every job so at what point do you take accountability for your actions? You’re lucky you haven’t killed someone. Med errors are very serious. Maybe you need to take a break and reevaluate your situation before you lose your nursing license
  2. futrnursenickii

    They locked up all the masks in security 😳

    So I am a nursing student and I work in the lab at the hospital and they won’t really let us have any N95 masks but the nurses can use them but they have to reuse them as well
  3. futrnursenickii

    Misdemeanor on background check for Chamberlain College of Nursing

    All I am saying is, there are real criminals out there that commit serious crimes and that someone that wants to make a difference shouldn’t be held back by such minuscule situations, the cop gave me a ticket, and I paid it. End of story. Something like that shouldn’t be held against you if you have taken care of it. But whatever it is done, and I am processing toward my degree this is my third session and I made honor roll. Nothing is getting in the way of what I want to pursue
  4. futrnursenickii

    Misdemeanor on background check for Chamberlain College of Nursing

    First of all to meanmaryjean talking about me killing myself while driving I was stopped at a light and looked down at my phone, so it definitely was nonsense. Your input wasn’t needed or wanted. Yes I took care of it otherwise I would have a warrant, and yes I got in and am doing well.
  5. futrnursenickii

    Chamberlain starting January 7th 2019

    Hello so I also applied for January 7th start date. I've already taken the HESI and gotten a 90.3% overall. I have a 3.02 gpa so I am impatiently waiting to hear whether or not I've been accepted
  6. futrnursenickii

    Chamberlain Phoenix Jan. 2019 Start

    I took my HESI on Friday and got a 90.3% with a gpa of 3.02. I am waiting to hear from them hopefully I get to start in January also.