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  1. nursingstudentboy2020

    Correctional nursing

    Hi guys I’m a new grad Lpn and got an offer for an lpn corrections facility in las cruces Mj through Wexford health. Can you tell me what you get paid to work in corrections to see if it’s a good Pay?
  2. nursingstudentboy2020


    I have a question regarding the NCELX pn. I took the test NCLEX today and only received 76 questions and did the trick after the email and shows the passing message. Is the minimum for the NCLEX pn 75 questions and if so how accurate is the PVT?
  3. hows your license going?

  4. nursingstudentboy2020

    Anyone w/ multiple criminal charges read!

    I have two shoplifting charges from 2016 that were expunged. I have done an FBI fingerprint check on myself and they do not show up. Do I need to disclose them to the BON in New Mexico. I received my ATT and I am hoping I did the right thing not disclosing.
  5. nursingstudentboy2020

    What happened after NYS BON reviews criminal record?

    Were you able to get your license? I am waiting as well
  6. nursingstudentboy2020

    Should I disclose arrest without conviction?

    @nurseama I had my record expunged and it does not show up on the FBI background check so I am wondering what to do.
  7. nursingstudentboy2020

    NC Expunged Misdemeanor

    Were you able to get approved? I am in a situation that is similair
  8. nursingstudentboy2020

    Assault misdemeanors- a couple of them

    If the record is expunged and does not show up on my background check with the FBI do I need to disclose this? I live in NM and it states we do not have to disclose expunged record unless it shows up and I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience.
  9. nursingstudentboy2020

    Any Other State Like Texas

    Did you disclose them to the bon? My cases were expunged five years ago but I graduate in July
  10. nursingstudentboy2020

    Any Other State Like Texas

    Were you able to get your record expunged? I am in a state of New Mexico and have run a FBI background check where nothing shows up and am contemplating what to disclose Thank you
  11. nursingstudentboy2020


    Hi guys! Great story. I also messed up about 5 years ago. I was arrested twice and did an expungement for a misdemeanor. I have run an FBI background check on myself and nothing shows up. I live in new mexico and will be finishing nursing school in July. Do I need to disclose this to the BON if nothing shows up? Did you disclose it even though it did not show up? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. nursingstudentboy2020

    misdemeanor, trying to get license

    Were you able to attend and go to nursing school?
  13. nursingstudentboy2020

    Nursing with misdemeanor assault charge

    Were you able to get your license @FutureNursingDude. I am in a similair situation
  14. nursingstudentboy2020

    Felony ARREST (NOT CONVICTION) 25 yrs old

    Were you able to get your license? I have two misdeameanor arrests both expunged. I have run an FBI background check wiht no record. Do I need to disclose this to the BON?
  15. nursingstudentboy2020

    NCLEX application petty theft help

    Yes I would like to know as well. I am in a similar situation. My arrest has been expunged and I have run a background check with the FBI on myself and nothing has come up. Were you able to get your license?
  16. nursingstudentboy2020

    NJ nursing grad with DUI awaiting licence

    What state are you in?