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  1. ICHS Pharm

    I passed. Good luck to you.
  2. ICHS 2022

    Trust, do you 😊 why be stressed? Do what you wish.
  3. ICHS 2022

    OK. I also have a degree & practice integrity every shift but I don’t glorify it. It’s not that serious, and I will reframe from sharing info on this thread with anyone. Don’t want anyone else feeling offended from me attempting to share info. As...
  4. ICHS 2022

    No nerve has been struck, I’m only giving you info that has been known for a while by some but not all. All is well on my end, it was merely info, take it as you wish. Take care.
  5. ICHS 2022

    That’s not the resource I’m referring to. But thank you for your input. Exactly, you can do just fine by yourself without that resource. I wish you well.
  6. ICHS 2022

    Test banks are to be used only by instructors. That’s a well known fact. You can get in deep water for even discussing such things. Be careful what you post on any platform.
  7. ICHS 2022

    I’m not using test banks. You can get in trouble for using them. Yes I have everything pertaining to my 3rd semester courses. Test banks are cheating. This is why ICHS is increasing there standards and percentage of passing in the first place, ...
  8. ICHS 2022

    I’ll be taking the classes from 3rd semester starting in October, so I’m not sure. The books I have are for psych and MS1 & MS2. I won’t be taking FON & Pharm. I’ll check for you from my co worker and get back to you.
  9. ICHS 2022

    I also have all the books as well already, current editions.
  10. ICHS 2022

    You got it, I’m glad I can be any help. Let me know if you have questions. I wish you well. I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors. Positive vibes 😎
  11. ICHS 2022

    Hi, @Lavender Love I passed my APA last month. The best I can give to you is to not focus on the meds for pharm, the pharm aspect of the exam is only math. I counted 4 to be exact on my exam; I don’t know what your exam will have. Everyone ...
  12. ICHS 2022

    I would be down with being teammates. I’m also in the FB Group. I’ll find you & friend request you. We can stay in touch! It’ll all start to come back to you once you start refreshing your memory on common topics we learned in LVN school. Know yo...
  13. ICHS 2022

    Can you share your experience since leaving the school? Did you fail, unenroll from the program? Have you moved on to another program? Were you a nurse prior?
  14. ICHS 2022

    Just dedicate a hour or two a day to brushing up on things you already know. Trust me, the process of elimination is helpful when narrowing down final answers and prioritization is key when picking your answer! 😉 we have that critical thinking alread...
  15. ICHS 2022

    Your books that you have, quizlet HESI based study questions are enough to pass. This is the method I used. I wouldn’t invest in UWorld unless you really feel you must. But it would be a waste with such little time left before our program begins in O...