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  1. ICHS 2022

    Thank you for sharing your experience so far, that gives me hope as well. I’m happy for you & wish you all the best on your journey to RN.
  2. ICHS 2022

    Can I be added to the FB group? I requested but I’m not quite sure who started it for October 2022.
  3. ICHS 2022

    Hi Shonda, my name is Joy! I’m traveling from the San Joaquin valley area. Nice to meet you, Nea 🙂 My name is Joy.
  4. ICHS 2022

    I just requested to be added. Thank you for making this for all of us.
  5. ICHS 2022

    Hi! I’m also starting in October, just paid my app fee & waiting to call them on Monday to take the next steps. I’m excited! Please, may I be apart of the FB Oct 2022 Group if you start one? Same, I’ll also be starting in Oct. Where are y...
  6. International College of Health Sciences

    That’s valid enough for me! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sincerely looking forward to attending. Take care & good luck on the exit and NCLEX @YappaYee
  7. International College of Health Sciences

    What is the curriculum like? Is it a lot of busy work considering you aren’t on campus a lot? Is the curriculum doable?

    @NurseThexy Are you commuting from GA? How many days a week do you have to attend on campus for the nursing core classes? I’m going to be transferring in PRE REQS. I’m moving to GA next year & if the commute is too bad I will be going with other ...
  9. International College of Health Sciences

    Thank you so much for your insight! I will definitely still be attending regardless of what people say. I’ve done my research and this program is what works for my family, future and schedule. Good luck to you @Sushigurl I wish you nothing but the ve...
  10. Strighterline w/ Chamberlain

    Spoke to Chamberlain a couple of months ago regarding accepting SL credits; as of earlier this year they no longer accept them.
  11. Portage Learning in Metro Atlanta

    Hi there! Did you mention that Herzing accepts Portage learning? Do you happen to know if they also except the science courses from Portage learning? (A&P I, A&P II & Microbiology?) I am considering attending, but only if they accept Port...
  12. Herzing University

    Can you share whether you know if Herzing has their sciences built into their Lpn to RN program? Also, what other options can I use to gain credit before applying? Maybe portage learning or straighterline? I am interested in this school, particularly...
  13. Will I ever get in!

    What are the pre reqs for Herzings LPN to RN bridge program? Do you happen to recall? That is the school I would like to attend.

    Are PRE REQs included in this bridge program? I am interested in attending next year, but was told they won’t accept my sciences that I’ve completed with straighterline. Do you know any other schools they accept credits from? Maybe Portage learning?
  15. Herzing alabama

    What are the PRE REQs to get into the LPN to RN program? Do I have to take my sciences prior to applying? Or is it just a good TEAS score and minimum of a 2.5 GPA? Thank you so much in advance, and by this time, I’m assuming you are a NURSE! Congrats...