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does anyone know what the most popular companies are for telecommuting or work at home positions in medical reviews or cm, ur? i know united healthcare, cigna, and aetna offer positions at times but... Read More

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    I sent you a PM
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    Humbled Nurse: I am sorry but I have been having trouble with the emails. I did not see an email address from you, so if you sent it, please try again if you want to ask specific questions.
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    Hi, I Have Been In Case Management Since 1993 And Would Love The Opportunity To Work From Home. I Live In Oklahoma And Would Appreciate Any Info You Have To Share. Thank You In Advance!
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    RoseOrchid: I, too, would love more information about your company. I am a CCM with experience in Disease Management and have telecommuted before. Please PM me.

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    [HTML]Hi AnneMarie! The national co. I work for is working toward a co. wide telecommuting environment. I have been telecommuting for 6 yrs. now. Disease management is our largest product. If you might be interested, let me know where you live and I can inquire re: openings! Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck![HTML]

    I would love to find a nursing work from home job...I have been looking into insurance case managers.....I have applied for a lot of positions and they call me then they say that it is a telephonic office job instead of a telecommute position from home...

    So please tell me some places that are real work from home RN jobs...

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  8. by   trday
    Hey all:
    I am new to the website. I am an RN in NC with ICU, home health care, and outpatient surgery center experience. Due to some recent health issues I would love to find a position that allows me to work from home, maybe in disease management? Anyone know of any companies in NC. I have been searching and haven't been able to find any in NC as I know most you have to have training time at the company and that would be hard if it was not in NC. Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi, I am recently trying to crossover to insurance based work as well. I am currently going through the interview process with Aetna in High Point. I haven't found any home based positions there, but I have seen some posted for United Healthcare in the Chapel Hill area. You can go directly to their website and search in careers.
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    Thanks for the info. I will look into that. Good luck to you.

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    I am very interested in telecommuting but have no idea how to get started. Would love any info you can offer.
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    Quote from bfriedman
    I am very interested in telecommuting but have no idea how to get started. Would love any info you can offer.
    I applied to mulitple positions for insurance companies. I received a call back about two weeks later and was offered a UM work from home position. I start this Monday. United Health Care, Humana and Wellpoint are just a few off the top of my head that offer work from home positions. Good luck.
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    thank u so much for your reply.