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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   bling32
    on all questions that i provided i am not sure they are the right answers. i listed all possible choices that i remember. in some, i gave my answer b/c i could not remember the others. please only use as a guide and look up answers. i have no way of knowing which ones i answered correctly.
  2. by   RNNYC78
    yes it still takes 4-6 weeks to get the official letter, cert number and ccm pin. But your name should be in the database within two weeks. If you dont see it, call ccmc up
  3. by   RNNYC78
    How did you do on the test? i hope god was on your side today
  4. by   kerryboy1
    Just finished taking the CCM exam; prelim PASS!!! I was a little concerned because I specialize in Perinatal CM, but I studied early,often-A LOT, have a lot of experience in OR (encompassing med-surg & medical conditions), & help write reviews when I have time,for med-surg.
    I studied "Secrets of the CCM Exam", and I typed a study guide(from there) of paraphrasing main & sub topics, to a printable copy for "any time" review. Thus, reading, typing, printing, & reviewing the basics helped me a lot.
    I "lurked" on this site yesterday,having Googled all the "free pre test sites" I could find. The advice on this site here was invaluable. (Didn't have time to sign up officially until today; good site!)
    The best advice was to simply use your common sense, read the questions & answers well, and as one participant observed, answer according to your true (case manager's" perspective. Which, you wouldn't be there if you didn't (really) know how to do so.
    I am a fast & usually not too nervous test taker, and true to form, I finished in an hour & 15 minutes. Then I went back and finished the ones I had "marked", went through every question, and only ended up changing 2 or 3. (One I knew for sure I had answered incorrectly, on closer reflection).
    My advice is to focus on CM function, communication methods, some rehab, Rancho los Amigos, payment/payer models,some ethics. Very little (on this version of test) pathophysiology, a little on informed consent, a little on Medicare/Medicaid. Mostly, methods of communication,negotiation, and client needs.
    Good luck! Such a relief to have this behind me. Now back to life.
  5. by   RNNYC78
    I am glad you passed it. Now it is time to go back to the real life.
    Do you remember specifics on psychosocial questions? And what do you mean closer reflection?
  6. by   RNNYC78
    I am really scared right now....
    I keep reading and reading but nothing is sticking to my head
  7. by   tensgrrl
    you sound like you are saturated. Take a break and don't even think about the exam. When are you taking it?
  8. by   kerryboy1
    Its kind of a blur, but several questions on types of "interview" techniques & the end goal come to mind. Questions on how to motivate, and the process/stages of change (decision making- denial, staged of contemplation of change...)
    The answer I changed, upon reflection, sounded obviously like one answer, but then was obviously, as I reviewed it, informed consent. A componet of the answer was, I think, "capability"; ie to understand, and/or willingness (to proceed?). Sorry to answer so obliquely, but refer back to my first line here. As I remember, I will post more. Also, my study guide (wisely) suggested breaks from studying (I took my dog for a long walk yesterday), and not studying for an hour prior to the test, to clear one's mind. It helped me!
    Good luck, you will do fine. Its not as difficult as you think,a lot of common sense.
  9. by   RNNYC78
    hey tensgrrl,
    I failed again, but thanks for the support. I will try to take it in August. They asked so many outcome management and variances questions and so regretfully, i did not study that chapter at all. Will try again
    thanks guys!
  10. by   tensgrrl
    Oh I am so sorry! I don't recall any questions like that on my exam.
    If you can, I took an on line course for CEU, from Prime called "Essentials of Case Management" look into that before you take it again in Aug.
    Forget about things for a while and start fresh in a few months.
    Good Luck
  11. by   RNNYC78
    i will take a week break and start studying again. i guess this time i need to give it another 3months of intense studying. i need to learn how to break down a question and see what clues it can give me. Would you mind sending me that link to the prime website?
    thanks a lot!!
  12. by   tensgrrl
    Hi, here is the link:
    there is alot of material, but it is presented well and updated. You can also interface with the course instructor if you have questions.
  13. by   JoanneMCL
    Hello all. I discovered this site the night before my exam on April 16, 2010. My background is home care and oncology nurse case manager. I studied off and on for a year for this test. I used the CCMC book, Essentials of case management and probably took the CD test several times. Although I gained some knowledge, it did not prepare me for the test very well. The test was much easier. For instance there were none of the answers like "1&2" or "3,4,5" or all or none of above. All of the answers on the test had four answers, easy to eliminate two right away. Most of the questions were psych/social common sense. I would know the basics of DRG's for hosp and care facilities, HIPAA rules, basic disability rules, basci work comp rules. I probably memorized every legal term, but not one question on this subject. I went through all of the questions and then reviewed them all. I took the full three hours to make sure I was thorough. Anyways, I passed. Glad it is over with and I worried about it way too much. So if I can pass it at 55 and have some test phobia, you all can pass it too. If you have any other questions, I will try to answer them. Joanne