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  1. Does anyone on this board have their ​CMCN? Thanks! Was not sure if it was worth it or not?
  2. Has anyone recently taken the Certified Professional in Healthcare Management (CPHM)? If so, did you attend one of the 2 day seminars via McKesson or did you purchase the book, obtain a proctor and take the exam? Thanks!
  3. funnygirl_rn2

    Humana Employees

    Kimrn7261- Did they offer a decent salary? Thanks!
  4. funnygirl_rn2

    New job as RN Care Coordinator for PCMH

    Which company? Thanks!
  5. funnygirl_rn2

    New job as RN Care Coordinator for PCMH

    PCMH stands for Patient Centered Medical Home; a new model of primary care with the aim of increasing quality of care and reducing ED visits and hospitalizations. It is a team approach (i.e. MD's, care managers, social workers and other health care professionals).
  6. funnygirl_rn2

    case management certification for case management?

    Apr 14 by fosterrn @ funnygirl the CCM does show you are a professional and experienced in case management and is a nice accomplishment. Wow. I don't know you but no need to be rude. I hope it does mean you "know your stuff" Will reiterate once more for you, just because you past the CCM exam and are able to put the initials CCM behind your name does not “show you are a professional and “know your stuff”. One needs to continue to educate oneself, keep abreast of current health trends and news. I was not being rude, I was merely commenting on your post and expressing my opinion. This is an online forum and you obviously do not know me, but think about your words before you post your comment, just as if you were replying to another professional at your workplace.
  7. funnygirl_rn2

    Telecommuting Positions

    Shelly - Brush up your resume and apply for CM, UR, disease management, health coach jobs etc... and you can always teach online classes once you have your degree. Best of luck to you!
  8. funnygirl_rn2

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

    It depends on what state you reside. There are also many factors such as: is this a large company or a small privately owned, amount of experience, education, certifications etc.. Best of luck to you!
  9. funnygirl_rn2

    Contract OWCP

    Thanks for replying. I pm'd you.
  10. funnygirl_rn2

    Contract OWCP

    Anyone work prn as a contract nurse for OWCP? If so, how do you like it? Thanks!
  11. Hi. Just wanted to know if any nurses are working prn for OWCP as a contract nurse. If so, how do you like it? Thanks so much!
  12. funnygirl_rn2

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Beachyfe & anyone else - How many months did you allow yourself to study/prepare for CCM exam? Thanks so much!
  13. funnygirl_rn2

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Toinette - Thanks so much for you helpful replies!! I did go to Amazon and order that book, since the book I have is old (like me :-) ) and most likely not as current as the one you suggested. Someone else told me that they too purchased the same book you recommended. I the Certistep CD is a bit pricey for me, since I am struggling now in this economy (husband is laid off), but the website you recommended is more 'doable' for me. I already checked it out and took the 30 question practice quiz. At least it gives you options whether to purchase 1 days, 1 week, 30 days or more. I will definitely being do that when it gets closer to exam month, since I think it will help me. I don't get test anxiety, I just feel that there are areas that I don't know since we do medical case mgt. I just hope my BSN courses don't interfere with studying for this exam. Again, thanks so much for your reply and helpful tips!! Funnygirl
  14. funnygirl_rn2

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Pam - What book did your fellow employees use to study from? Also, how many months did some of them prepare, I am currently taking classes towards my BSN and scheduled to take exam in August. Thanks!
  15. funnygirl_rn2

    Billing for case management

    Does anyone have to bill for their time in their position (i.e. preparing letters, making phone calls, writing reports, reviewing files etc...)? Do you find it difficult or I gather that you get used to it after a while? Anyone have any helpful hints. I often forget to gauge my time, maybe I should use my kitchen timer gadget. Thanks!
  16. Thanks Renerian. I found a Plantronix headset that works great!