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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   JerseyLilly
    Yes, the dashboard will say you passed or failed 6-8 weeks after the last day of CCM testing. If you did not pass, in about 2 weeks you will get a notice stating in what areas you were deficient.

    Check out CCMC's website--"Toolkit". Check out the certifcant data base for your name. Some posters on this board stated that they found their names on the database before being notified by dashboard. Hope this helps!
  2. by   mobaby
    Thanks - thats funny you say that, I did search my name yesterday but nothing so far. Patience is a virtue!
  3. by   JerseyLilly
    I wish the CCMC would change their testing company "Prometrics". All other certifications I have ever taken that were computer-based told me right there and then if I passed. I think making the testers wait 6-8 weeks is torture in itself!! Someone told me that they do it that way because they "curve" the test by statistics and the probability that the majority would answer a question correctly or incorrectly.

    Good luck to you! Hopefully, you will know in a few weeks!!!!
  4. by   Demi RN
    My friend just found out she passed. Her name is on the certificate database. My name is not. I fell some kind of way. we took it the same day.
  5. by   JerseyLilly
    Hi Demi,

    Try checking the certificant database again, but search by area (city and state) rather than entering your name. For some odd reason, it often appears there first. Hopefully you will see you name there! Good luck!
  6. by   Demi RN

    I chatted with B today. I was told that the certificates for the month of March 2010 have been loaded in the system. My name is not there. Then she asked me what does my dashboard say. I told her my dashboard says that i am approved to take the test. She told me again that all of the certificates have been loaded for the month of March 2010. SHe said to refer to my dashboard. I asked her " so if my name is not on the list right now, i did not pass?" She wrote, yes more than likely you did not pass.
  7. by   JerseyLilly
    Don't give up yet! It does take them, according to the handbook, 6-8 weeks. I remember when I passed the exam, my name showed up on the database by city and area, not by name and not by dashboard. I believe there may be results reporting on different levels and administratively, not all is complete just yet. Remember, the CCM exam is given nationally three times a year and in many states and there are perhaps hundreds of people who took that test!!! Don't give up hope! If you did not pass, just take it again. What really helped me tremendously was just answering questions, questions, and more questions. Many of the questions I had on the CD were on the test.

    Hope you will find out soon!!!
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  8. by   Demi RN
    What CD
  9. by   JerseyLilly
    The CD by CertiStep. It has over 1000 questions in each of the 6 domains. But if I were you, I would give CCMC more time to process your results---you may be pleasantly surprised!!! Good luck....I know the waiting is killing you!!!
  10. by   JerseyLilly

    I checked the CCMC website and noticed they have a Help Center number to check your name for certification:

    It is..... 651-789-3744

    Hope this helps!!!!
  11. by   mobaby
    I found my name - thanks for the tip. I passed!
  12. by   Demi RN
    Ii did not pass. They said I was really close
    I will take it again. Dang it man. Next time for sure
    I will pass.
  13. by   rn with class
    I passed. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For anyone who is going to take this test all I can say that it was God. I did not feel good or bad after taking the test. I studied for two months straight and I did not feel that it helped to prepare me for this test. So if you believe in the power of prayer. Start praying and ask God to lead and guide you.