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  1. mobaby

    Would you be insulted?

    You can't change what people think of you; you can only change yourself. I would let it go. I remember cross training for mother-baby unit and being promised the next job. Well, brand new nurses were getting directly hired to unit and I kept getting floated there but not hired. The Nurse Manager apparently knew my husband in the past and took it out on me. Needless to say, I finally had enough of the politics and gave notice - she then told me she would get me there for the next opening but I had to decline at that point as I felt misery would follow. I never could play politics! Just keep doing your job and smiling - you are better than having to beg to be recognized for your worth.
  2. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I found my name - thanks for the tip. I passed!
  3. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Thanks - thats funny you say that, I did search my name yesterday but nothing so far. Patience is a virtue!
  4. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I have a question on the ccm website. I know it is too early to c heck my results, however how do you maneuver that website. Will the dashboard (once you find it) just say you passed or failed? I logged on today just to look and it just says that I am eligible to sit - does anybody know?
  5. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Well I took my test today - I can't say it was easy as there was alot I didn't know, but it was generalized so I just have to hope for the best. I will say, though, that facility was not enviromentally friendly to me. The airconditining was cut off at 1pm, there had to be a least 10 others taking tests in room - had to be over 85 degrees, so I got to the poiint I was going to pass out, just started guessing just to get out of room! And the fluorescent lighting really was buring my eyes, so........bu tall in all,it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be..,,wish me luck! I wish all of you other test takers lots of luck also.
  6. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I take it tomorrow -- was there alot of regulatory questions as this is my weakest knowledge.
  7. mobaby

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Did you take it yet> I am scheduled for end of this month however, due to a lot of lifes difficulties have not studied and feel I am going in blind. Is is worth it to take it to get the test ideas and if fail, just take it aghain? If you took it already, how was it? I have done disability,wc and now auto but dont' feel I know enough about anything?