I love Cardiac!!!

  1. I posted not too long ago about being assigned to Cardiac step-down unit for my preceptorship. I was so scared to start and honestly I didn't have a very good experience on that floor in Nursing III. I think that was because of my instructor who was so on edge about everything during our clinical time thinking we were going to do something wrong - there was so much tension on that floor it was ridiculous. Anyways, I just finished my 4th night shift in a row (I have 5 left) this morning. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! It is so awesome! I really truly thought I would hate it. There is so much responsibility, there is ALWAYS something to do, The IV meds are nonstop. I don't know why but I'm having an amazing time there!

    Just thought I'd say that and let you "seasoned" cardiac nurses know. :spin: I can totally see how cardiac nurses love what they do!!!
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  3. by   incublissRN
    I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  4. by   rn-jane
    I'm glad you like it, and it will constantly keep you on your toes!
  5. by   tee_byrd
    I'm have a job interview comin up at an hospital and i was told that i might be assigned to the cardiac/telemetry unit. i am a little scared because i do not know what to expect from this experience. I know that it will be an wonderful learning experience but i hope i can keep up and not drown. pray for me
  6. by   suzy253
    It is a great experience, isn't it? I started out on a tele unit right after graduation. Never a dull moment! You certainly learn a lot!
  7. by   rn-jane
    Don't be afraid, you will do just fine. Good luck!
  8. by   tee_byrd
    Does Anyone Know What I Should Do To Prepare For The Cardiac/ Telemetry Unit? Should I Be Reading A Special Book Or Something
  9. by   al7139
    Hi there!
    Good luck. I am glad you have enjoyed your cardiac experience so much! I am a new grad (May this year), and got my first job as a nurse on a telemetry unit. I had a clinical and a preceptorship on this unit, and while I hated cardiac stuff in class, I loved the clinical experience I had here as a student, so I applied for a job, got hired, and have never looked back! I always thought I would go into ED nursing, but I am enjoying this unit so much, I may never make the jump to the ER. There is never a dull moment here. We get the heart patients, but we also accept medical pts here too, so there is always a variety. The most surprising thing for me is the relationship between patients, family, and us nurses. I never thought I would enjoy the level of interaction I have with them. I have met some amazing patients, and awesome families here. Whether it's seeing them leave the unit to go on with their lives, or helping a family through their grief over the death of a loved one, I enjoy it all (even though it is sad sometimes). I have had pts write or call, or family tell me "Thank You for being here" even though I felt I didn't do anything (especially when it is a death).
    I love the bonding and relationships I develop with the pts and family, and I go home, even after a hard day, knowing I gave the best I had to give for the patients and family.
    Even if I am not assigned to a patient I have cared for before, I try to stick my head in and say hello to them, so they know I care.
    The best part is that almost all the other more seasoned nurses here are the same way, so I have really great examples to learn from.
    This was also the ONLY unit during school where we students were eagerly welcomed, and not treated as a burden. The nurses here really wanted to teach us what they knew, and sought us out to do skills, etc. even though they could have done it way faster. I knew I wanted to be here so I could teach future nurses, and give them confidence, and help them look forward to being a nurse.
  10. by   christelle
    I am glad you are enjoying your job! So what types of things do you do as a cardiac nurse? I just finished a telemetry class, and am planning to start my nursing prereqs. I am currently applying for a job as a monitor tech, and i plan to watch the RNs very closely to see what they do! I initially wanted to be a lvn, but seriously considering RN because i want to do clinical skills, IVs, phlebotomy, meds, etc, and I understand that i may not get to do more than meds working in LTC and hospital jobs are scarce for lvns in california. So i'd love to hear more! TY!
  11. by   Virgo_RN
    Glad you're enjoying it! I love cardiac physiology, and I enjoy cardiac nursing very much. Not a big fan of chest pain, though. I think because chest pain is so ambiguous; is he having an MI or heartburn? I think I like the arrhythmias the best. I love reading EKGs.

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