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Capella University


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Are there any former, current or prospective students out there who can give their opinions on Capella University? Thank you.

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If interested in what others have to say about Capella University please take a look at our Best Nursing Universities | Peer Reviews.

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I have no experience with Capella, but when I mentioned they had contacted me about their DNP program my husband got a little huffy. Something about harassing students to apply, but then not vesting in their outcomes. I will have to see if I can get more information on that for you.

bahamagirlrn, BSN, MSN, RN

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Actually I did speak to an admissions counselor and their students get a 10% discount if they are a member of ANA. They have some interesting MSN specializations.


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I am currently enrolled in the BSN to MSN educator degree. Some of the classes are fluff, but for the most part, pretty rigorous depending on the professor you have.

bahamagirlrn, BSN, MSN, RN

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GinRN777, can you elaborate on the programs being "fluff"? I'm interested in the MSN diabetes specialization and I know that will be rigorous also. All the best.

Call them before you do all of your research (this applies to Walden U as well....) and make sure that they accept students in your state. I spent considerable time online researching RN-MSN programs, comparing tuition, outcomes, etc then called for information only to hear from both of these schools, "I'm sorry, students in North Carolina are ineligible for these programs". (NC may be only excluded from the programs I was inquiring about)


I am a current student in Capella University's MSN education track program and I have had nothing but a great experience at Capella! The program is rigorous and is on par with any other university's standards. The instructors are always available when needed for questions and feedback, and the "fluff" courses that everyone has spoken about are there to make you dive more deeply into the issues that nursing is currently facing so that you will be a well-rounded MSN nurse upon graduation. During the enrollment process I was never once harassed by any one from Capella and felt nothing but support by their academic enrollment and advising team. They made my transtion smooth and easy! I would highly recommend you look into their online program!


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I am in the process of enrolling in the RN-BSN program at Capella, and considering the combined BSN/MSN option for nursing leadership and administration. My target start date is this upcoming July. Anyone else out there starting in July? I'd love to find other students and would also love to hear from someone in the MSN program to get some feedback on that as well. My only reservation about the MSN program is getting overloaded with practicum hours as I already work full time and have a busy family. I'm really excited about finally getting my BSN (graduated with ASN almost 10 years ago). Thanks :)

I have just been accepted into Capella's MSN Nurse Educator program and I start 9/2/13. I am excited and so far the application/enrollment experience has been excellent!

Hello AKTHD and Brittany, how do you like the MSN-Ed at Capella so far? I start today. Any advice you could share? This question is open to anyone who can give me some insight or their perspective on the program please. Thank you!

For someone working part time do you think 3 classes is doable? How do like the program so far?

I am considering Capella's DNP Education program. Anyone out there have any information???


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Hello everyone! I know this thread is about a year, but I am wondering how everyone enrolled RN-BSN/MSN, any specialty but especially administration/educator, is doing? I just came across Capella Univ last week, and I'm enticed by how I interpret their programs are ran. I'm currently enrolled in an online RN-BSN program in another school, and yes it would be a waste if I transferred, but I'm thinking about it. Capella's nursing programs seems to have a different type of approach (or at least that's how I interpret their advertisement).

Can anyone please share your experience in the tracks you have chosen to take. What's the workload like; the expectations, support & feedback from instructors; nature of assignments (type of things you have to turn in other than paper); are all class materials needed provided?; are you really learning in a way that you feel impacts/improves your competency?

Thank you and good luck to those who have started and working your way through (you should be proud of yourselves) and congratulations to those who are in the final stretch!

Hello, I am a practicing Picu rn, who graduated with her ADN in 1997. I am in the process of applying to a few RN-BSN online programs. After researching several programs, Capella University is the program that I am leaning towards. According to my unofficial evaluation, I will only need to take the required nursing courses. I am interested in what the program is like, and I am interested in finding out if three courses are doable with a full schedule at home?

I am wondering some of the same questions. Currently enrolled to start Jan 12 2015 for RN to BSN program. I was really happy that they took all my transfer credits and had an affiliation with my previous ADN program (which gives a 10% discount). Other programs I looked at where on semester credits vs quarter credits so that made a big difference for me. I couldn't see the point of repeating so many classes that I had already taken. The admission process was really easy and the counselors were helpful. Anyone have any pointers for BNS 4001?


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Congratulations tmbeddow! I applied to the RN-BSN @Capella university & would have started in 11/2014 but I decided to just go ahead and go for the MSN.I start the MSN 1/2015. I'm excited quite a bit actually.

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Hello Everyone!

I am currently enrolled in the RN to BSN/MSN track. I have one more semester and I will have my BSN. Hopefully I can shed some light on this school for you and answer some of your questions.

There are no tests at all. This was the main reason I went to this school. It is all discussion questions and writing papers. Some of the classes are structured where you write papers throughout the 10 week course that are completely separate papers. Then other classes have it where each paper builds up to one final paper. It is a lot of researching and writing, but I work full time and take 2 classes at a time and it is doable.

Someone mentioned "fluff" classes and I can sort of relate to what they are saying. There are a couple of classes that seem redundant to other classes I had previously taken at Capella. Mainly the subject of cultural sensitivity and competence. I had 3 classes already where I had to talk about a specific cultural group and what diagnosis they are most prone to, the barriers they face in healthcare, and write about how a nurse would deal with this situation (ex. patient teaching, sensitivity, communication, etc.).

Besides papers, there is the occasional project. I had one class where I had to do a physical assessment on a person and have someone watch me do it, and sign off on the papers. Another project was called a "windshield survey" where you drive around and look at a specific community and write about what you see.

The great thing about this school is they give you templates to help you with your papers and projects. They ease you into writing the papers and give you links to help with proper formatting. One of the things I dislike about the school is the tech support. I felt that they weren't very helpful at times. I had a couple of instructors who I felt were never "present", but for the most part I have had great instructors throughout the program.

The biggest appeal to me for going to Capella was the fact that they transferred all my credits, and I didn't have to take extra pointless classes at the local colleges and drive there. I really didn't want to take chemistry, statistics, and other required classes. In doing so I would have had to take a bunch of extra classes to take those classes, costing me the same amount of money to go to an online school and finish within a 1 1/2 years.

Hope this info helps.



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Capella is extremely generous with transferring credits. That is the main reason I chose this school. For the person who asked about BSN 4001, just keep up with the reading materials, write good papers, discussion posts and responses. That class was interesting and pretty easy.