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I still have not been able to register for my prereg classes. At this point I am fed up. They have changed their online sign up system which will not register me. I have made phone calls, written letters and talked in person. I trully feel discriminated against (age discrimination). Now I am told the class I need is filled and they don't think there will be drop outs. The longer they put me through this the older my transfer credits become which means I will have to retake the classes that transferred in. They obviously don't want to lose money on me from transfer credits and being a part time student. I obviously am not young enough for them they keep trying to shove me into obselete (no job majors). Since this is the only college I can afford I think I am wasting my time. I am now told I will have to reapply, get new transcripts and all other info. It will be too late for Spring term. I am tired of them playing these games. Any words of encouragement? Just like 6 weeks till class starts and the class I need is full and they can't find my info. I carry all the stuff in with me to show them. They are so disorganized.


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Since you don't specify even what country you live in, I can only guess that you are talking about some community college in the US. If so, then you are NOT being discriminated against--this kind of thng is simply par for the course. (You tend to get what you pay for, and CCs are not expensive, is the bottom line.)

Alternatives: 1) find some "backdoor" way to get the course you want. In my personal case, the only way to do so was to, illegally, work 2 full-time days for the admissions/registration dept at a CC before registration. In return, I was permitted to sign up for the classes I needed before "ordinary" students were able to do so. I don't know what similar kinds of deals might be available to you, but going in with a chip on your shoulder will NOT help you find them.

2) After all the prereqs had been completed, I went to a private, and very expensive, school on a fast-track program and was $43K in debt at the end. Are you willing to go equally far into debt?

So, my suggestion: rethink your goal and decide whether you are willing to do whatever it takes to reach it. If so, "affording" has little meaning, since loans, grants, work-study, scholarships, fellowships, even borrowing from one's family members, etc. are all possible.

If you ultimately decide to go to school, then be prepared for a LOT of these kinds of "games."

1) School is NOT a buyer's market, and

2) nursing schools are used to applicants who can be, and are willing to be, pushed around and who do exactly what they are told, when they are told to do it. If you don't fit that mold, then you can expect continued conflicts of this type.


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Depending on what classes you need, you may be able to

take them online. See if your school or State Technical

College System has a website. Good luck.


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You might try speaking with the instructor of the class you need and see if he/she will let you sit in on the first few days of class even though you are not registered for the class. There is the chance that someone who is registered will drop early on; you could then take that student's place and will be up to speed.


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Sounds like you've got some scroogy advisers/staff. No matter what they say--there will be dropouts. We have to drop classes by then end of the first week to get a full refund-so I could just watch and see how many dropped the following week in pre-reqs. Or after the syllabus' were passed out!

Keep watching the class & if it's still full at the start of sem. ask the professor if he/she would allow you to sit in the first week and wait to see if anyone drops. I've done it before and the professor did it for a few students. They'd rather be teaching a full class of people who actually want to be there anyway! :) Then when someone drops out you'll be first in line to sign up.

Hope you can get in the class. It's very frustrating, and disappointing that the staff isn't being more helpful to a student really wanting to be there! Even if it's community college-no college is cheap & you should get your money's worth and not be given the runaround :(


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the only encouragement I can give is to apply for a student loan and chose a different college

I am going to go deep in debt just to go to a good school that will later look better on an application

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I had trouble getting one of my pre-reqs due to being full but I just went straight to the professor and laid it out on the line and he let me in. Maybe this could work for you as well for a class or two.. I know things will get better.. Hold the chin up..


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Thanks for the encouragement I will keep trying. That is all I can do at this point. Of course if I could get financial aid or borrow from family (LOL) I would have done so a long time ago and gone to a state college and been a nurse a long time ago. But that is not my reality so I will just keep trying to finish at the community college I can afford. I might be ready to retire before I finish classes at this rate. Also lab science classes cannot be taken online or by distance ed. in my state.


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Hi Toni,

Hate to say it but this kind of thing is just the beginning.

And I wouldn't say that just because it is a cheap CC that is why you are getting the run around. I first went to Penn State for my under grad and had far more problems in my 4 years there than I have had at my CC.

And there are always problems with scheduling classes when you have transfer credits, no matter what school you go to.

I will give you advice based on how my CC operates.

While scheduling (and even paying) for classes on line is nice and easy most colleges still have the old back up system of paper and pen.

Go to your advisor - tell them that since you are unable to schedule through the internet you would like them to fill out the class schedule form so that in the event that the class you want opens up you will have your form filled out, signed by the advisor, and ready to take to the Registrars office. Then, go to the class and talk to the teacher, let them know that if any students drop out you want their space. Most professors, in my experience, are helpful in this department and will let you attend lecture in the event that room opens up.

Another way a lot of people at my school get into "filled" classes is ---- wait til the day that all tuition payments are do. This is usually a few days before classes begin. If a student does not pay their tuition bill by the due date all of the classes they have scheduled are dropped, thus space opens up in these classes.

Even if nothing opens up before class begins you should still go to the class to see if anyone eventually drops the course. You would be surprised at how many people drop on the first day or don't even show up at all. Especially with evening classes and adult ed. programs.

Good Luck and I know how hard it is to get all of this stuff figured out in the beginning, but don't give up hope just yet.



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I agree with many of the posts above. Since I am going to a community college, I can understand your frustration. I would definitely speak with some of the professors. Nothing soothes their ego more than people wanting to be in their class, not to mention the fact that most appreciate the more "mature" students because they are there to learn, not just taking up a space.

I have never been in a class where not a couple of students drop within that first week, especially after getting the syllabus.

Good luck!


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The school doesn't have the profs name listed or the room number so communication is impossible right now. Called registration and other people and they don't know either. But they say can't find me in the computer system at all and tell me I have to reapply take tests and have transfer credit reevaluated. If they take enough time my transfer credits will time out and I will have to retake classes. Apparently the bad economy has lots of students wanting to enter medical programs and they can make more money from full-time nontransfer students. I do feel very discouraged right now. They are getting frustrated with me asking questions too. They told me I would be taking a spot in the class from a full time student. But since it is a prereq I can't be full time anyway. Keep telling me to register for business classes and classes they can't fill. I pay for school my self so can't waste the money. Can't afford a more expensive school either. But I will keep trying. The school will close for holidays soon so tests can't be taken anyway (this is what they tell me). I am definitely getting the runaround from them.

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