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Hi everyone I just had a few questions regarding the new Canadian NCLEX. I am writing from Saskatchewan and have failed the NCLEX once, but there are a few fellow classmates on their 3rd and final attempt and a few of us were wondering if anyone has heard anything about going to the United States to write? Many states have unlimited, or at least more, attempts than here in Saskatchewan (which is 3) so we wondered if that was an option or if anyone had experienced or explored other alternatives to failing the NCLEX. Thanks.

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I've read Canadian nurses that failed the national exam 3 times have moved on to the States, 3 stories I've read now work in Texas (I think one was in Detroit) as RNs. One of the nurses even gave out her email on a forum to inform Canadian nurses how to go about testing in the U.S. Try googling "failed crne 3 times" "Canadian failed national exam 3 times" or something like that. I remember reading that you can still become a nurse in the U.S if you strike out in Canada. They also did state that they are not able to return to Canada to work as nurses....Think positive, hopefully you pass your 3rd attempt....good luck!


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I am wondering about this too as I am on my final and 3rd attempt :banghead:

I want to know specifically which states will accept and allow Canadian grads to retake (if they fail all their chances).