Canadian RN to work in the USA

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Can a Canadian RN work in the US? Are there states that would just require only "Endorsement" or do we really need to apply to the BON as a new applicant?

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It just depends on the state. You would endorse in my state. If you haven’t already taken the NCLEX, you’d still have to take it. There really isn’t much difference in “initial application” vs endorsement except that you already have a nursing liscense.

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You need to check the state website but I am sure you have to apply as initial application and arrange with the college to confirm you passed NCLEX. You can only endorse if you have a US license to endorse


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Please post your experience of this process. I am new grad RN and wanted to venture outside Canada. As someone said, having the experience being an RN is beneficial before moving - out.


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Check with an agency that helps CA citizens for jobs. I know of one.



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On 6/11/2019 at 4:15 PM, sylviamae said:

Check with an agency that helps CA citizens for jobs. I know of one.

Hi can you share name of agency