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Cardiac ICU & Nurse Entrepreneur

CEO A&G Professional Resources, Corp. <br /> Hiring International nurses for USA! <br /> For more information, please visit

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sylviamae is a BSN and specializes in Cardiac ICU & Nurse Entrepreneur.




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  1. US Nurse moving to London UK for Nursing

    I’m a UK nurse and now in US. What is your main motivation to work in UK as a nurse? Pay wise, you will earn less in UK, high tax rate and high cost of living in London area. The great thing is, you will get free hospitalisation, I get 40 days annual...
  2. Canadian RN to work in the USA

    Check with an agency that helps CA citizens for jobs. I know of one.
  3. UK Nurse

    I have a current Priority Date and I am looking for a hospital willing to recapture my PD and become my sponsor. Please, can somebody help me. Thank you.
  4. Hospitals sponsoring RNs for a H1b visa - help!!!

    Finish your visa screen and send your CV to all hospital employers and nursing agencies. Once you have a willing hospital to sponsor you for EB3 visa everything should be fine. You just have to wait when your priority will be unless you can convince ...