UBC nursing application 2011

  1. Hello,
    I'm new to the site and I saw the thread for last years appilcants to UBC nursing so I thought I would start one for this year.

    How is the application going for everyone, any tips from 2010 intake?
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  3. by   krasmussen27
    if anyone has done an application before or is doing one, what kind of detail did you go into for education and employment record.
    Did you get descriptive for either or is it just a listing of your education and any awards you received and job despriction under type of employment?
  4. by   secondshot
    Hey there! I've applied for UBC 2011! I don't have a lot to report yet. I finished my A&P pre-reqs in December and thankfully received good grades (A and A+!) so I'm feeling relieved about that. I'll be completing my supplemental this week.

    At first glance, my assumption is that work experience is meant to be point-form, and all the other fields (leadership, teamwork, etc) should be short paragraphs describing the experience. But I'm also unsure and I'll probably try to verify this with the nursing department before submitting my application.

    Good luck with yours!
  5. by   krasmussen27
    Hi secondshot, thanks for the response. That format is what I have been going with too, point form list of education and work and then paragraphs for the rest. Let me know if you find out anything else.
    Congrats on the A&P marks, I just finished my last in december too. Good luck on your application, I will be submitting mine soon after some final adjustments.
  6. by   secondshot
    Did you do your A&P through Thompson Rivers? If so, we were probably in the same exam session!
  7. by   hk25a
    Hey guys!

    I'm also working on the application now as we speak. Great to see a thread for 2011! I come across one past applicant who posted a great comprehensive post about the application (top of pg 7):

    hope you guys find it helpful! good luck!
  8. by   krasmussen27
    secondshot I was in that class, that's funny. I am sure we will see each other again in september!
    HK25a I saw that post before and I found it very helpful, good luck to you too!
  9. by   HugBug
    Hey Everybody!

    I'm working on my application too! I'm so nervous/excited about it! It's going to kill me not getting a response til late march/early april... So where is everybody coming from? UBC? Or a different university? I'm a UBC student but i'm currently studying at another school in Texas.

    Is anybody else anxious about this? I hope i'm not the only one!
  10. by   krasmussen27
    I submitted my application today. It's nice to have it done but now all I have is the waiting! So anxious!
    HugBug I am a UBC grad. Good luck to you!
  11. by   jazzyp88
    Just going to submit my application sometime this week. I'm having a hard time filling out the membership of different organizations. I was apart of lots of clubs in highschool/university (within the last 5 years) but I expanded on those in the other parts of the application so I don't now if I should just restate the names of the clubs?


    I've also applied to BCIT. I really really really hope to get into one of the programs, otherwise I'm applying to U of A and U of C for Jan 2012 and just go travel this september since I have NOTHING else to do!

    It's going to be a long wait! Arrgh.

    Good luck everyone!
  12. by   krasmussen27
    Hey Jazzy, for my applciation I filled out the membership as another paragraph section. I wouldn't use the same clubs if you have already mentioned them but this is just my opinion! The membership section seems a little ambiguous as to whether it is more of a list like the education section or if it is a section to highlight the soft skills you have learned from your life experiences. Just some thoughts, anyone else?
    Goodluck in all your applications!
  13. by   HugBug
    Quick question... For the references section, did you guys put 2 professional references (teacher, supervisor, etc.) or 1 professional one and 1 personal one? I'm having a really hard time deciding!!
  14. by   krasmussen27
    I did 1 professional 1 personal. A prof from school and a long time family friend who was a nurse. Hope this helps!