BCIT Nursing January 2015 Applicants

  1. I decided to start this thread for all the other eager nursing applicants just like myself! I am going back to Capilano University to take some Biology courses (Bio 112&Bio 113), Psychology (Psych 100 & 101), English 100, Sociology 100, and Philosophy 101. This is based on BCIT's new requirement for the 2014 intake! In addition to that, I have also been working for Vancouver Coastal Health as a Health Care Assistant for about 2-3 years now. I am looking at about 45-50 post secondary credits after I finish all the courses at Cap! I might take Libs 7001 on May 2014, then apply for the January 2015 intake!! Anyone else interested in BCIt Nursing program January 2015 intake?
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  3. by   diandroid
    Hi Cesh! I am glad you started this thread! I am originally aiming for the August 2015 intake because I will be finishing my BSc in May 2015. But I am wondering whether I should apply for the Jan 2015 intake just to see what my chances are with my application. I am planning to take LIBS 7001 and 7002 next summer May 2014 as well!

    I am not quite sure how the General Education electives requirement works. I have taken a lot of psychology electives in addition to my psychology requirement so I am not sure whether that qualifies? It says that electives that are scientific or technical in content do not count. Most of the psychology electives that I took/taking are related to health and medicine. I'm assuming that these courses will be seen as scientific? If anyone could suggest to me some UBC electives that were approved for General Education requirement, that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. by   Cesh
    Heyy! I've been reading the past few threads like this and I learned so much, that's why I started this! ��
    I think you should try to apply for the January 2015 intake! I will finish all the prereq in April next year. I also will be taking libs 7001 and 7002 in may 2014!! Maybe we'll be in the same class! Haha. That Libs courses will be done around 2nd week of August. The application for January intake will be accepted from May 1st to July 15th (I believe) and you can submit all the necessary requirements until Aug 31st!! So by that time, we will be done with libs courses!

    For your electives, they have a link to their website about which subject areas will be counted. Libs 7001 and 7002 are considered electives too! So that can count as your electives! I'm just taking Sociology and Philosophy to have more credits. I called the program advisor to make sure these two will count. I was originally planning on taking Econ but she said it won't be considered! She's really helpful and she calls you back right away if she missed your call!�� let me know how it goes��
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  5. by   diandroid
    Yeah, I know right? These threads are addicting! I've read them over and over ahah. I just can't wait to apply and start! Wow, I just checked the info about the LIBS courses and MAN they're pricey! I'm happy that they're online because BCIT is pretty far commute for me.

    Oh awesome! The LIBS courses count for the general education electives? I feel like I've killed two birds with one stone, haha. That works out beautifully. Thanks for your help and the info! I was hesitant about phoning up the program advisor but I will be sure to ask her more questions that I have
  6. by   Cesh
    Yes! They're really expensive, but im sure it'll be worth it! (Trying to please myself too. LOL) I dont do well with online courses, so I'm going to actually do the class!�� But yes, definitely call the advisor to answer any questions you have! I'm so looking forward to applying for the program too! Hahaha! Let me know how everything goes! ��
  7. by   georgiablue
    Hi Cesh & Diandroid!
    I saw this thread and decided to join the site so I could communicate with you! You two both look like you're on the right track with regards to your application - I am also in the process of completing my prerequisites to get in! I'm finishing up on Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology, then I'm taking the Anatomy and Physiology classes online! Eeeek, really nervous about that one!

    Anyway, how have you girls decided on which schools you're going to apply to? Are you going to apply to UBC/Kwantlen just to increase your chances at being accepted into school? I have applied to UBC and Camosun College here in Victoria, and will be applying to BCIT as soon as I can (my number one choice of school!!)

    Woohoo, hope your progress is going well! Hope yo keep in touch :-)
  8. by   diandroid
    Hey georgiablue!

    Good luck with A&P! It can get pretty tough but you just gotta study at a consistent pace and you'll do great!

    I'm aiming for BCIT as my first pick as well! I am also planning to apply for the UBC one but I'm not sure how I feel about cramming in a nursing program in 2 years. I'm thinking the extra year at BCIT (3 years) is worth it. I know a lot of people who are currently in the Camosun program (I'm from Victoria myself) and it's pretty good. It's a good program as well. I'm living in Vancouver right cuz I'm at UBC for my undergraduate so I'm hoping to stay here.
  9. by   Pizzagator
    Hey guys!
    I'm glad to see others who are as excited as I am to apply! January 2015 seems so far away but I'm sure it'll sneak up on us. Right now I'm just finishing up a degree at UVic, and doing the A&P classes. I'm planning to apply to other schools, but BCIT is my first choice.

    Georgiablue, are you taking A&P online with Thompson Rivers?
  10. by   Pizzagator
    Diandroid, I would double check with an adviser about the two LIBS courses counting towards the electives... On the BCIT website there is a document about the General Education requirement, and it says that LIBS 7001 and 7002 don't count towards it
  11. by   ace12345
    General electives can be anything at the 200 level that's what it was for my intake aug 13
  12. by   diandroid
    "Six credits from outside the core academic discipline, in at least two different academic disciplines at the first year academic level or above - such as but not limited to BCIT Liberal Studies (LIBS) electives which are multidisciplinary by design."

    That's from the General Electives PDF that they supply. The general electives can not be scientific/technical in nature? I'm not QUITE sure what that means, not related to science simply? I am wondering why they don't have psychology on it? I know that a psychology elective is needed for a prereq which I have but I also have a few 300 level psychology courses I was hoping to use for a general elective.
  13. by   Pizzagator
    They have recently changed the Program Entry page on the website. I just noticed it this morning! If you click on General Education [PDF] there is a new document and it says that LIBS 7001 and 7002 can't be used to meet the requirement. Here's the link to the document http://www.bcit.ca/files/health/pdf/...equirement.pdf

    They also changed the application dates for the program.

    • Winter (January) intake: from May 15th until October 1st
    • Fall (August) intake: from November 15th until April 1st
  14. by   Cesh
    They have actually changed so much! I just checked the website for BCIT nursing, you're required to fill out a form-asking your strength, related experience, etc. They also added more electives options, and they extended the application too! I'm thinking of applying for Aug 2014 intake instead. Is anyone going to the info session this Nov 25?

    Excited and stressed applicant,