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  1. RachelP_CRNA2B, thanks for your reply! What does gtts stand for?
  2. jamst149, here they don't usually hire new graduates onto high acuity ward until you have at least 1-2 years of experience minimum on a typical med/surg ward. Its just too overwhelming for new graduates I guess
  3. Hi! I am a senior nursing student in Canada who needs to submit my preferences for my final preceptorship term. I am hoping to work as an ICU nurse in the future but I am unsure what type of ward would provide me with a good basis. I was thinking abo...
  4. ID Nursing in Canada

    Hey everyone, I am starting nursing school this January and I am thinking about what I would like to specialize in when I graduate. I already have a degree in microbiology and infectious diseases and I am very passionate about these areas therefore i...
  5. BCIT Nursing January 2015 Applicants

    Hey chiseen, I too also did the shortlist questionnaire for last Aug 2014 intake. I didn't realize that I didn't need to do it again so I'm quite glad about that, haha. But yeah, I got conditional acceptance too! I will be also finishing my BSc degr...
  6. BCIT Nursing January 2015 Applicants

    Hey jmcl and lauray, I noticed this too... They got rid of things like "reasons for selecting this program" and "personal strengths" sections. Also got rid of things like extracurriculars and hobbies... This definitely gave me a slight panic attack b...
  7. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Congrats to everyone who got accepted! I was accepted like a month ago except I'm deciding to give up my seat and re-apply for the next intake because something came up. I hope you see you guys around though! :)
  8. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    @Cesh, I have J**** D***** for the course instructor :)
  9. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that I tried to see if they would accept a course I took previously that was very similiar to LIBS 7001 however they didn't accept it. They said most people end up having to take LIBS 7001. Rarely ever do t...
  10. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Hey Cesh, what was the books that you bought for LIBS 7001? On the BCIT website, it says we need to get the course reader but apparently there's another book called Strategies for Critical Writing?
  11. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Hey everyone! Congrats to everyone who got accepted and shortlisted! I just came back from my vacation and found out I got accepted too! :)
  12. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Yeah, LIBS 7021 is only for nursing students so I was planning to take it in the summer when I'm done my first year of nursing :) I didn't want to take both LIBS 7001 and 7002 just yet because it's a huge investment since the courses are so expensiv...
  13. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    (Not sure what the [COLOR] and stuff happened...) :S
  14. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Hey @LiquoriceTea, I'm taking LIBS 7001 online too! I'm scared about how much work it will be for an online course. Usually they make you do more work than the in-class one. I wanted to take LIBS 7002 online too but I was wanting to take the health e...
  15. BCIT August 2014 Applicants

    Oh wow, lots of posting here since I last checked! I think I'm going to attempt doing the questionnaire this weekend. Or tomorrow. @lnguyen, yes - what was the questionnaire like if I may ask? They said to go study up on those links from the CRNBC bu...