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  1. by   Pizzagator
    Hey everyone! So I was looking through the FAQs section on BCIT's site. It mentions that for Level 5 of the program, you are require to have use of a car for the home care clinical. Makes sense in order to transport equipment etc. It just never dawned on me because it's not written in the admission section and now I'm having a bit of a meltdown! Vancouver's public transit is convenient and parking/car fees are just so much when you're a student (which I've been for the last 4 years....) I only have my learner's license and obviously don't own a car!
    Honestly I don't know how to fit this into the budget *sigh*
  2. by   panitan
    Slightly off topic, but anyone know anything about living on-campus in Maquinna Residence or heard of any reviews/comments regarding the residence?
  3. by   BulmaBriefs
    Hi LiquoriceTea,

    I knew a couple of people who were already in the nursing program and could not come up with the budget to own a car and pay for gas, etc. However, I did know that they would use the skytrain and bus. There's this one girl I knew and she would car pool with one of her nursing classmates because they were placed in the same clinical setting and around the same time and she'd pay some money for the gas. You can always go down and talk to someone at BCIT regarding transportation and I'm also confident that once you're in the nursing program, they have ways to help you with transportation I believe. I hope this kind of helped!
  4. by   Pizzagator
    Hi BulmaBriefs,
    Thanks that does help! I think I should be fine for classes and most hospitals are pretty easy to get to by bus/skytrain. That's why I didn't even think about it. If I have to, I'll just have to bite the bullet. I've been avoiding it long enough lol But I would miss that precious last minute review on the skytrain on the way to class!

    I wonder, for the community health clinical, are we just sent out on our own? In that case I guess I would absolutely need the vehicle..hmmm
  5. by   BulmaBriefs
    No problem! Yeah skytrain and bus are easier methods for transportation and to get to hospital and classes, and I'm not too sure about about the community health clinicals, but I am almost positive that they send you out on your own which is why they would require you to have a vehicle! I would definitely make a time and day and go down to BCIT and speak to someone there personally
  6. by   mass59
    Has anyone done the questionnaire? How does that work? Can we open it and look at it? Or it needs to be completed when it gets opened?
  7. by   nnomura
    You can open it and look at it without having to do it all in one session! That was my fear too haha. You can continually work on it, just make sure you save your work as you go. The final submission date is April 5th.
  8. by   mass59
    @nnomura Thank you!
  9. by   PublicHealthHopeful
    Hi everyone, congrats to the others shortlisted! I was wondering for anyone who has done it, how long it approx takes to do, since I am busy going away and need to study for exams. Any insight would be great, thank you & goodluck to all
  10. by   sandy28
    Re: car I would suggest speaking to somebody at Bcit. I'm currently in level 2 and a lot of people car pool as we often have to be at the hospital 6-630 am. For level 5, access to a car is ideal because you have back to back appointments in a day, and they may not be in the same neighbourhood. That being said, Bcit is fairly accommodating, and will probably help you figure this issue out. Good luck
  11. by   cat5
    I wonder how much influence the questionnaire has
  12. by   Nicole_Boots
    Regarding the car for level 5 -- you must have use of a personal vehicle if you are placed in home health for your community clinical because you will be transporting personal health records. It is a confidentiality issue. You will hear more about this at your orientation.

    Good luck to all of you - I am sure you will love (and sometimes hate, ...but not really ) BCIT nursing as much as me!
  13. by   panitan
    So quiet on here while everyone is busy working on their questionnaires!

    Anyone finished and handed theirs in already?

    Last home stretch! One more month till final results!!!