BCIT August 2012

  1. Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone else applied? I would love to hear about your application so I have something to compare myself against and could know ways to improve. Please let me knowCheers!
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  3. by   yohane
    Hi Jadebl,
    Thanks so much for starting this thread. I am in the same boat and it is driving me nuts!! For me this is my third attempt at getting into the program. I got shortlisted and then on a waitlist in Jan 2012. I obviously didn't get in but they were nice enough to waiver my application fee this time. If you want to compare prereqs, I have met all of the prerequisites, and am now taking ENGL 1177, 2 LIBS courses and Health Management. I finish these courses in April, but am not sure how they weigh all the information. Through my courses I have met people who have been preaccepted, either because of a high placement in the waitlist for Jan, and another person who deferred their enrolment for Aug. Well thanks again, and good luck. Wow typing this out is like a form therapy. If there is anyone else in the same situation please feel free to join in the conversation. Good luck to all.
  4. by   Jadebl
    hi yohane!

    thanks for replying to this. this is great. as for me- basically i have met everything (i think). i will be graduating from ubc this term with a bsc in resource conservation. i have not taken courses from bcit but im hoping my degree will help. i dunno though. we will see!
  5. by   kaaychen
    Hey yohane! Are the two lib courses you're taking online or in class?
  6. by   kaaychen
    Hey Jadebl
    I have been accepted for the aug 2012 semester after being waitlisted from jan 2012. I also have all the prerequisites and completed other courses that count as my electives. I've been told the only thing, now, that I should take are the LIB courses
  7. by   yohane
    Hey Kaaychen,
    Congrats on getting in the Aug intake. Right now I am taking Libs 7010 (Literature in Leadership) and Libs 7013 (Race, Class, Gender intersections) onsite at BCIT burnaby. I took Libs 7001 (Critical Reading and Writing) last semester on site as well. The only online Libs course I took was Business Ethics. I find taking Libs courses on campus more interesting and overall less work.
    Kaaychen, can I ask when did you know you were accepted into the Aug intake? I wonder how many people are waitlisted?
  8. by   yohane
    Is there anyone out there who has heard from the Nursing program at BCIT yet for Aug? I know there are people who were waitlisted in Jan and are in now. Everyone else will find out by the end of the month, but has anyone in this heard anything yet?
  9. by   NurseDC90
    Hi there,

    I just checked my BCIT mailbox, and I received a letter saying that I got shortlisted!
    In the letter, they mentioned that there was 600 applicants for August Intake (2012) and they have selected 200 as short-listed. From those 200, only 96 applicants will be offered a seat based on all documentation.

    I hope you guys hear from them soon too!
  10. by   yohane
    Hi NurseDC90,

    Congratulations on getting shortlisted . You got past the first big hurddle! Good luck in the next part too. Yohane
  11. by   Medic2RN
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  12. by   spellingbee
    Hey guys, I have been provisionally accepted for Aug2012 after having deferred my acceptance in Jan2012. From when I was provisionally accepted, I had completed the prerequisites with around 100 credits of post secondary. I have also recently completed 6 credits of psychology last semester.

    Now that it is getting closer to August, I was wondering if anyone else who has been provisionally accepted has completed their immunization records? I have not kept my records from elementary/high school and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to where I could obtain them? Thank you!
  13. by   kaaychen
    Congrats! See you in august? .
    Same situation for me with my immunization records...I've had them done at many places and they weren't all recorded in my little book of immunizations. Mind letting me know too if you find out? Appreciate it!
  14. by   kaaychen
    Thanks yohane!
    I need to take LIBS 7001 and 7002. Thanks for the feedback!
    I was informed by phone about ...a week ago? She mentioned that they were a bit behind schedule but they are trying their best. When I was shortlisted from Jan 2012, they didn't mention (as I can remember) as to how many people were shortlisted. I could only imagine how many people were shortlisted ..since BCIT receives so many applicants