CRNE June 2009 - page 2

Hi there! I'm writing the CRNE tomorrow and wanted to start this thread to get some chatter going to support each other. Anyone else writing tomorrow? I'm nervous....somewhat! It's kind of a... Read More

  1. by   DJ-5
    Thanx azalia14,I wish GUD LUCK to evryone.
  2. by   NBmomto2
    We were told that we should have our results by July 11. So ,there's still another month left to wait.
  3. by   abcdefghijKIRA
    Wow, I didn't think we'd have them so soon. I for some reason thought it was between 6 to 8 weeks but on the CNA website, it says 8 to 12 weeks! Outrageous. I also wrote on June 3rd, so hi!
  4. by   abcdefghijKIRA
    And I just went to the CNO's website and they say 6 weeks! I'm effing excited!
  5. by   Patriven
    Hi every one ,
    I also sat the June, 09 exam , wish all the best . But I felt very tired during the exam , It was really hard anf full of Psychosocial and ethics . bow: anyway we started the waiting time , let's pray for each other .
    But I heared somthing I'm not sure if it right , The passing results will be higher in June exam as most of the canadian gradutes take this exam , which really increses the passing score ??!! any body knows??
  6. by   u661b
    I wrote the exam in June and I have to say that I was exhausted!! I left the exam not having a clue how I did. The first booklet in the morning didn't seem to bad, but the afternoon was pure hell. I usually have an inclination one way or the other how I did on an exam, but this one left me totally in the dark. Does anyone else feel this way or am I on an island by myself??
  7. by   Patriven
    Don't worry dear , You are not the only one felt that , till now I have the same feeling and I have NO CLUE yet what did i do which make me more anxious ,In addition I cannot even recall the questions so I can search for answers as it might be repeated if I need to reset the exam . let us wait and pray .
  8. by   Brownie06
    Hi everyone... I feel exactly the same as u661b. I know its a long wait for the results, and its killing me! Im an IEN, and have moved here for good... so am really needing that job~~
  9. by   azalia14
    I also have the same feeling. I really do not know where I stand in the exam. I felt so awful when I went back to my books after the exam and found out that I got the wrong answer. Huhuhu... I am still thankful to Him...
  10. by   Brownie06
    Yeah, I checked a few myself... esp the first questions in the first book, and I got them wrong... Im worried sick!... (Relieved that Im not the only one)
  11. by   booty911
    Hi guys,

    Anyone know what mark/percentage/grade you need to pass the CRNE? I'm writing mine next year and I'm using the prep guide now but no where can I find where it says something like "you need a x% to pass the CRNE"... Any ideas?
  12. by   u661b
    To tell you the truth, I don't think that there is any sure fire way to study for this thing. The prep guide is good in respect to getting your head prepped for a seven hour exam (ugh!) But the content is anybody's guess. I really don't think that it is fair that a number of questions are actually "test" questions that don't count. These little darlings only add unnecessary stress to an already stressful exam. Hopefully the ones that "floored" me were "test" questions that weren't worth anything....hopefully....."gulp"!
  13. by   kfv_2006
    Goodluck and May God Bless You all who took the exam this June..
    Anyway I'll take the exam this september..
    Can you give me a hint or a reviewer that would help me...