CPNRE June - July 2018 - page 3

Hey guys! I'm writing the CPNRE in a few days and I just wanted to create an updated CPNRE forum for 2018. I've been studying the 4th and 5th prep guide and took the predictor test (disappointing... Read More

  1. by   dee.dee
    Thanks for sharing some thoughts/opinion about the test. I'm writing in June 27th. Good luck everyone!
  2. by   ghessa
    Hi lisa. How are you? I took the predictor exam as well. It's quite depressing yes. Did u say u screenshot the exam? When are you gonna take the exam?
  3. by   kelsshamilton
    hi everyone,

    Just looking to see if anyone has the CPNRE prep guide and answers (3,4, or 5th edition) that they would be willing to email me by pdf. Asking for a friend who is writing the exam this summer. Unfortunately I got the pdf versions off one of these forums before and I did not save them

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  4. by   bstoneman73
    I'm writing on the 29th. I'm so scared. Please if you can share any info. Will I be ok if I study the prep guides 4 and 5 or do I need so much more? HELP!
  5. by   LisaStone
    Hey guys, studying now at my school library, writing Thursday. I am using the 4th and 5th edition to study (going through questions, writing down things I forget). I scores 69% on the predictor test which gave me I think an 80% chance of passing. I'm a little nervous but friends who took it already said it isn't too bad and very similar to the 4th and 5th prep guide.
  6. by   danikayee
    Hey I wrote today too! How do you feel you did?
  7. by   dee.dee
    Personally I found it a little bit difficult. I did all practice questions from CPNRE practice guide versions 1 to 5, and studied all Nursing Theory notes. I hope I have enough correct answers so I can pass. Anyway, I finally feel free
  8. by   danikayee
    If you prepared theres a good chance you will pass! I hope I passed too! I took a prep course in toronto which was really expensive, bought the saunders book and cue cards. I did the predictor test last night and got 80%. I honestly feel like I didn't need to take the course but we will see! I found some questions were tricky but the overall exam isn't hard... if your prepared.. Good luck!
  9. by   LisaStone
    any last minute luck? I write tomorrow
  10. by   sk1987
    Hi All,

    I need your help here. I want to give my CPRNE exam in September 2018 (Toronto).

    Can someone please guide me, i completely confuse where i should start for exam preparation.

    what preparation guide books and other material i need to go through?

    Please email me materials if you can : skmaknojia8t6@gmail.com
  11. by   dharti
    Hey good luck for your exam..I am writing mine on 30 jun
  12. by   juline
    doing my test on june 29 at 10.30 my last count down and i feel like i know nothing. i di the prep books 1,2,3,4 and 5 and online test i can find predictor test said 50-55 percent chance and am so sad.
  13. by   dharti
    Same here for predictor test ...be positive