CPNRE June - July 2018

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Hey guys! I'm writing the CPNRE in a few days and I just wanted to create an updated CPNRE forum for 2018.

I've been studying the 4th and 5th prep guide and took the predictor test (disappointing results). I've been torturing myself that I will fail the exam and my peers will all pass. But I am trying to overcome the negative thoughts!!!

Let's share some tips and update on test results!

Hey good luck for your exam..I am writing mine on 30 jun

doing my test on june 29 at 10.30 my last count down and i feel like i know nothing. i di the prep books 1,2,3,4 and 5 and online test i can find predictor test said 50-55 percent chance and am so sad.

Same here for predictor test ...be positive

Hey how was the test? Am I going to be ok ?

It was ok not to bad a lot like the prep guide 5

I wrote my test on 17 june. Did anybody know when they gonna send results?

They told me 4 to 5 weeks after the last day of testing

Cno sent out results from june 11 to june 21. Hope everybody will get good news. All the best to all

any news for alberta? i also saw the post that cno released results.

Good Lord!! I wrote on 14th!!

good luck to you! congrats in advance.

Hey guys, I wrote the exam on June 15th. It was posted on CLPNA website that results will be mailed, while some say they'll email you. Any idea? How long does it take to get our results?

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