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Hey guys! I'm writing the CPNRE in a few days and I just wanted to create an updated CPNRE forum for 2018.

I've been studying the 4th and 5th prep guide and took the predictor test (disappointing results). I've been torturing myself that I will fail the exam and my peers will all pass. But I am trying to overcome the negative thoughts!!!

Let's share some tips and update on test results!

thank you. very much. just nervously scanning on the 5th edition here. last 2 days for me to prepare asa i still need to travel to edmonton as its the nearest testig center.

Same here..i hv a 6hr drive to my nearest test centre!!

Writing mine June 28. Got the 5th edition and did the predictor test as well - scored a 69%. I screenshotted all the questions so I can go through them and try to figure out which ones I got wrong..

Do u hv the answers to the predictor test??

no they don't give the answers, it gives you results like how you did in cognitive levels and foundations of practice etc, no actual mark

69% your score or the probability of passing?

Hi everyone this was my second time writing for June 11. 2018. I studied like crazy and went to a prep school this second time around and I still felt the questions were tricky . Some quetsions u need to speak to the patient to ask more questions before deciding a treatment option and this is where it's confusing. They provide at least 2 correct answers that you could actaully do as a treatment for patient but yet according to them one is only the most correct. So my question is does this mean because one nurse does things one way that the other nurse does it another way so then they are incapable ?absolutely NOT! This MC test is not for everyone . I really hope we all passed because we passed school and worked very hard for this day. Good luck

was it harder as compared to your 1st try? i will take my exam on the 14th. Traveling tomorrow to the testing center. am so nervous.

Hi I am writing my cprne exam next week. So far I reviewed prep guide 4 and 5. I am scared to try the predictor test . Some of my friends are telling me do not study depth. Please help me. Really dont know what to do. Also, if anyone has the predictor test questions or any other practice resources please help me

I believe someone here has taken pictures of the predictor test questions. The predictor test would be nice to take because it tells you what aspect to work on. Best of Luck to all of us.

Thank you

Hi all

I just wrote the CPRNE here in Ontario for the 1st time yesterday and all I used to study was the prep guide. It is true when people tell you to not study depth. The exam is ment to test the knowledge of entry level (ie just starting out) nurses. I was really nervous as well so I totally feel you all but in all honesty, the exam wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I personally had a lot of Mat questions and post op care but not all test questions are the same . Good luck to all!

Hi everyone,

I just wrote my exam on June 11th in Ontario. I left the exam feeling ambiguous about it, but from what I have heard from friends who have taken it before, this is normal. I used the prep guide to study as well as some NCLEX-PN material from the library. Beware - if you are going to use NCLEX-PN to study, make sure you understand the differences between NCLEX-PN and CPNRE, as there is some material that does not apply to the CPNRE. My recommendation is to check the CPNRE website for the blueprint of the exam, use that to focus your studying. Good luck!!

I just took the exam today..and honestly i found it tricky..it went okay but tricky..i had no math problem at all..

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