Can you work in the ER if you have an Associates Degree?

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Or do you need a BSN? :)

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As long as you have your licensure, you can work as a nurse in the ER - route you used to get there is irrelevant :).

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Yes, you can be a nurse in the ER al long as you have your license :p


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YAY!!! well, of course I know that you need your license its just that I was very curious because to me the ER and regular nursing seem a bit different, but then again what do I know im just 17. ANYWAYS, can I constantly work there or are there going to be rotations and stuff.

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In our busy level one trauma center (the most intense), we don't "rotate" or float out of the ER. Good luck!


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The ER is nothing like the floor. I've been a Paramedic/Firefighter for 8yrs and just got my RN and moved to the ER. I love it!!! The floor I think is move like a hotel...not for me. If you like a very fast pace with the opportunity to treat every kind of illness than the ER is for you. :rotfl:

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Yep- you learn the same skills whether you get your BSN or ADN. I have my ADN, and started out in the ED. Good luck-Andrea


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I have an ADN and got hired in a Level 1 Trauma center as a GN. I take my boards next week and pray that I pass. I started my job there on June 6th and already have ACLS, PALS, and TNCC.


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Oh yeah, i have my ASN and I work in a awsome ER. And most of my coworkers are ADN's as well. But if you strive to work in management then you will need a BSN. I on the other hand dont want to be anyones boss so I will probably not get my BSN anytime soon. And were I work the pay is the same because you have the same license and take the same test that a BSN does.


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i've worked 11 years in the ER with an ADN. i can't think of a one of my coworkers who have a BSN currently. like someone else said the pay rate is no different.

the bonus with my hospital come with certifying in your area. CEN gets a $1000 bonus each december for those who have it. same with all the other areas.


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I am in charge of an ER and have an associate's.

Associates vs. BSN doesn't matter - do you have the skills? That's the important thing. Or can you learn them?

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