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Can Someone Help Me???



Hi, Im a 23 year old mother of 2 year old twins. I just got accepted in to nursing school. My question is I generally hear that nurses have set hours between 7am and 3pm or 3pm and 11pm. How true is this? and second what do mothers that have young children do? With those type of hours how do you get the kids up in the morning and drop them off at the daycare. I could understand if they were school age, but they are not. Are hospitals more understanding when you have children??

Please help, cause Im starting to wonder if this career is best for me.



You might try to find a facility with on campus daycare. Some have it I don't know how big of a city you are in but the other option is to work nights and let hubby tend them if you are married while away at work and then of course you could come home sleep a little while then get them off to daycare for a few hours in the afternoon and then start over when hubby gets home.

By the way my hubby works nights. Just wanted to add that to my little problem

well that blows my original idea, unless of course you could work 3-11 and he could take care of the from 2:30 till he has to go and you have a family member that can watch them until you get in from your shift.


I am currently working full-time, nights at a hospital. My shift starts at 6:00pm and I get out at 6:30am. My wife and I have three kids; a 4 year-old, a 2 year old, and an 11 month old baby. I just finished nursing school in June of this year (and yes, my last two children were born while I was a full-time nursing student). I started working in the hospital the same month I graduated from school. My wife started her prerequisite classes in August, she is going for nursing as well. She just finished the Fall semester and is starting the Winter semester next month. The only problem we have is she will be going to school four days/week. Since I work twelve hour shifts, I only have to work three days/week. I spoke with my staffing coordinator at the hospital and she agreed to allow me to work every weekend. My point is, "where there is a will--there is a way!" That's really my situation in a nutshell. Of course it was a long road to reach my achievement. I am, nevertheless, a registered nurse now.

Getting back to your situation; my suggestion to you is to take this whole thing one step at a time. First of all, I would contact your college and find out the layout of their nursing program. They usually can provide a yearly tentative schedule for you which will list the required days and hours for your attendance. I think this will help you decide what you need to do at this present time with your busy home schedule. Actually, I think nursing school should be your main concern because their schedule is usually not as flexible as an employer's would be. Some schools have an on-campus day care.

I hope this info helped? What ever you decide, I wish you luck. I will tell you this, nursing is a very rewarding carreer. I love my job.;) :) ;)

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Just make sure you understand when you take a job what the hours are. Some facilities are not understanding to persons with small children. I wish there were more flexible schedules out there.

But it causes a lot of discord when a nurse takes a job and then after starting "oh by the way, my husband doesn't get home until 7:00 and I have to be late every single day".

Good lucking finding something that works out. Many a working mom has made it through and you will too. I just adjusted my schedule to accommodate another charge nurse with a child. She needs to work certain days. So it's not all bad news as far as inflexibility goes. Maybe you can find a weekend job until the kids go to school?


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I'm sorry to be so negative but over the past 34 years as a nurse,

I have seen the strains that Nursing have put on families. The lost birthday parties, the school plays, even with other male nurses sometimes the birth of their children. Then there is the worry. My wife is disable, I worry every time I go into work.

Kid, Please take the advice of this old nurse, If you don't love it, try something else


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