Can LPN's Be a Scrub Nurse???


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I'm going to be attending and LPN program, and I'm aiming for my RN and eventually would like to become a Scrub Nurse. In one of the clinicals that we go through is Med/Surg and we get to go into surgeries. My Question is do I have to become an RN to be able to become a Scrub Nurse or can I be an LPN and do it while I get my RN?

And any advice you can give me as to ways of obtaining extra training to become a Scrub Nurse? Is there a certain continuing education to take or is it train on the job? If there is a certain CEU, which one is the best to take?

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my post:D

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A lot of hospitals have Scrub Techs and don't use nurses in the scrub position.

When I worked OR, I had to learn how to scrub, but in my position as OR nurse was not expected to do it unless I absolutely needed to due to emergency situations. We used techs.

The children's hospital near me uses LPNs in the scrub position.


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I have worked in a facility that actually had more LPNs than CSTs in the "scrub tech" role. Scrubbing is NOT part of LPN school though. (At least not that I know of!) Some of the LPNs had come from the L&D unit where they had scrubbed C-sections, others went through the same periop training class required of RNs without prior OR experience. The facility I am in now has NO LPNs in the OR. Not to say they wouldn't hire one if they had an applicant, but they would need more training than a newly graduated ST would. All the facilities I have worked in have allowed RNs to scrub, but it is not a routine assignment to have the RN scrub. Not all RNs are comfortable scrubbing either. Personally, I LOVE scrubbing, just wish I could do it more frequently.


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I know quite a few lpn scrubs. They all were either scrub techs before lpn or did the program afterwards. It would be very hard to impossible to get someplace to hire a fresh lpn and train them to scrub.

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Hey Argo, can LPNs circulate? I have never thought to ask this.

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lpn's cannot circulate that I know of.


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Thank you for the replies :). What kind of extra education would I need to pursue for scrubbing in?


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I believe you need at least an ADN